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Walking: 5 ways this simple activity can be wonderful for your health.


Walking is an extremely healthy habit, and can have long-term effects on your health to form a strong framework for your body. Along with being an amazing exercise, it can be an inexpensive way of travel, keeps your mental health fine, and not to forget, totally environment-friendly! Here are 5 health benefits of having the habit of walking:

Reduced heart related risks


Walking daily is a usual way of heart patients to keep their bad cholesterols at a minimum level. Walking increases heartbeat levels, which improves oxygen and nutrient supplies to our organs. Walking daily can even help patients of hypertension maintain their blood pressure levels, which can keep the risk of heart-attacks considerably low.

It is thus an excellent exercise for heart patients who are unable to perform intensive work-outs, but can be benefitted by brisk walks and mild exercise!


Walking lowers Blood Sugar

Doctors often prescribe daily long walks, for about forty minutes, to patients with high blood sugar levels. This happens because when you walk, more glucose is used up from your blood stream by your muscles. This also allows insulin to achieve better results. It is often suggested that short walks be taken just after meals, especially dinner, in order to reduce blood sugar levels.

This is more useful for senior people, who suffer from diabetes but are unable to take longer walks.

Helps deal with Arthritis

Walks are said to be fundamental exercises for persons with arthritis. To keep an active body, you must not allow your bones to become ‘lazy’: a daily dose of exercise can maintain your weight, and also strengthen your bones in order to prevent bone loss.

Walks can reduce stiffness in bones, relieve a heavy weighted joint, and thus relieve pain from arthritis. If it seems difficult to go on walks due to a pre-existing knee pain, start by creating a walk-routine that gradually increases in intensity. Even if you experience a mild pain from arthritis, going on a walk may relieve the pain.

This happens because walks can:

  • mobilize joint fluids
  • lubricate your joints
  • relieve fatigue

Burns Calories!

We all know that the best way to burn calories without too much exertion is a long walk, daily. Lack of physical activity is a valid cause of obesity, heart problems, and an over-all deterioration in health, both physical and mental.

If you are afraid of losing interest, and failing your walk-routine, make it fun and comfortable by choosing the right walking shoes, making a great playlist, and choosing a time of day when the heat is minimal and the air is fresh, for example early morning.

Do not forget to eat healthy fruits, and hydrate yourself with sufficient water; especially on your walks during the summer.

In the age of apps and internet, make use of fitness apps to track your steps and estimated calories burnt. Put in your daily records, and measure your weight regularly, to keep track of your progress.


A great way to feel better!

At a time of distress at your homes, especially families, or when fights reach a point where you want to scream, but know for sure that it will only make things worse, the best option COULD be a walk by yourself.

As you walk by yourself, there is a change of space and place- this can instantly give you the time to think by yourself. In the process, give your problems time, too, instead of losing your calm and making matters worse.

Alongside, it reduces mental and physical fatigues, resulting in the reduced risks for depression. Most importantly, long walks have proven to release endorphins, which are neurochemicals that reduce clinical depression.

So, walks are helpful for the overall progress of your bodily and mental health!


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