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Gangster connections : Sidhu Moose Wala murder linked to various connections. Let’s know about 1 of Most Wanted Gangster of Punjab, Jaipal Bhullar.


Gangster, yes…. The word gave a feel of threat and anger too. There are many gang which are active and hidden. Recently, Singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot to dead and this case is somewhat linked to it. All these gangs are enemies to each other but join hands as per the political work.


Police is under investigation of the murder. All these are having connection with political concepts. The killing has triggered huge row and protests, with the Congress – the political party to which he belonged – calling for the dismissal of the ruling AAP government. There was someone who put on efforts to update all these gangs about the singer’s movement and location.

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Answer to all these questions can be find out when one is going to study the chain of these connections. This chain has no end,and there leaders are not even bothered with life of there own country man. There is real fear in families after this mishappening. Let’s look to the recent outcome of gangster Jaipal Bhullar.

Failing to make a name for himself in the sports world, Jaipal Bhullar – one of the drug traffickers and gangsters in Punjab who was killed in a battle in Kolkata on Wednesday – has gained world fame for his crimes.

About Gangster Jaipal Bhullar

Police son, Bhullar was on the run after shooting two assistant Punjab police inspectors in the town of Jagraon in Ludhiana on May 15. As of Ferozepur, Bhullar had a long relationship with Ludhiana. A world-class hammer thrower, his career began in 2003 when he joined the Speed ​​Fund Academy, a state-owned training center in Ludhiana. Also, it was here in July 2004 that he first entered the criminal world by kidnapping the seven-year-old son of a cinema hall owner.
With this his sports career came to an end and his criminal graph took off, as he met other criminals in prison.

His first accomplice was Rajiv Raja who was arrested in 2006 for killing three members of a jewelery family in Ludhiana. Later, while out on bail, Bhullar met Shera, who decided to form a gang with him. In January 2009, they both helped Raja escape from a police cell at a bus stop in Barnala. Later, a gang carried out a series of robberies, including a gun house in Hoshiarpur, followed by more crimes in Mohali and Panchkula. They were also behind a number of carjackings on the highway.


Imprisoned in Chandigarh, Bhullar joined the gang of Rocky of Brazil and formed a new gang. As witnesses were reluctant to speak, the robbers were released in July 2010, and soon there was a disagreement between the two. Rocky decided to get involved in politics and allegedly helped police hunt down a number of criminals, before killing Bhullar in Parwanoo in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh in 2015.

Bhullar also masterminded the robbery of R1.33-crore bakkies in Banur in 2017 without stealing 30kg of gold from Ludhiana company in February 2020.
Jaspreet Singh, 29, another man shot dead by a West Bengal special police team on Wednesday, was Bhullar’s aide. A resident of Kharar in Mohali, was involved in a number of criminal and criminal cases, including the abduction of a businessman in Zirakpur last year.

He was also involved in the killing of two Jagraon ASIs, and was the first to shoot at them after getting out of the driver’s seat of a drug-laden car. According to police, Jaspreet, better known as Jassi, was charged with more than 15 criminal offenses and met with Bhullar in Chandigarh Modal prison.

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