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Horror and Nights!!! Top 5 Hollywood films on Ghost Hunting for your movie-marathon night !


“Horror Films are unsettling films designed to frighten and panic, cause dread and alarm, and to invoke our hidden worst fears, often in a terrifying, shocking finale, while captivating and entertaining us at the same time in a cathartic experience.”


Horror films have been to Hollywood since the early days of cinematography. Horror films are very interesting to watch because horror movies are scary and we don ‘t know what is going happen next. That kind of suspense in the movies makes us watch more about them. In today’s date critics have given a new term for horror movies which is “torture porn” meaning, “a genre of horror films in which sadistic violence or torture is a central aspect of the plot.

Who doesn’t like a spine chilling story-line with a blood-thirsty chase? seems like a perfect watch for horror film lovers. There are a galore of movies from the horror-thriller genre that one must add to their list of spook fest.

1. Ghostbusters

The movie made back in 1984, is one of a kind.The film is an amazing blend of humour and horror ,correctly classified as horror comedy.The film stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis and Earnie Hudson ,who play the role of spirit exterminators and take upon the duty to save Manhattan from being infiltrated by evil forces.The spirit exterminators encounter green slimes ,dead being resurrected .The string of psychic nuisances and scary scenes facilitated by amazing special effects make this movie worth a watch.

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2. Chasing the Devil

Patrick McCord does not settle for his sister’s mysterious death as suicide, and instead groups up with a team of paranormal investigators to cut into deeper into the deep circumstances that surround what he believes to be murder.

The team’s investigation leads them from one outre and horrifying clue to a different, at the middle of that looks to exist one thing evil and alarming, a presence well on the far side their wildest imaginations and experiences. shortly, they understand this deadly entity has currently targeted every of them, and that they square measure confronted with the not possible challenge of defeating it and saving their own lives.

In the end, what survives, and is given here, is that the worrying footage that patron saint and his team shot, footage that if seen by others, seemingly endangers the viewer, marking them because the next victim of this powerful and evil force. Quite the chill right?

3. Against the Night

A group of nine enthusiastic friends venture into an abandoned prison to film and record paranormal activities there. One of the members go missing and that is when the horror element kicks in.

Directed and written by Brian Cavallaro, the film boasts a relatively newer star cast but what is striking is that it was filmed in the real life Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia ,that had a notorious history of committing atrocities against its inmates ,including bio chemical experiments.

As the disappearings begin eventually their adventure turns into a gruesome and violent night,far from what they had imagined.The film leaves no cliched stones unturned.

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4. The Conjuring Franchise

The widely watched and very popular series of movies directed by James Wan revolves around the famed demonoligists Ed and Lorraine Warren.The initial moving named as The Conjuring has a different storyline than its sequel but preserves the characters of Ed and Lorraine .

The franchise deals with their encounters with different evil entities and cut throat chases till the evil is defeated. The movies have spine chilling and gorry scenes ,enough to make your hearts race. For horror lovers this franchise is a must

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5. Grave Encounters

The film is shot in the manner of a footage.The footage follows the crew of a reality show who cover paranormal activities,lock themselves in a haunted psychiatric ward of a hospital in search of evidence of paranormal activity as they shoot what ends up becoming their final episode.

The crew has an occult specialist who senses imminent danger but only to be ignored. The film despite having a similar story line to our pick Against the Night has unique horror elements and an obviously different end that sets its apart from the other.Hence makes the watch worthwhile !

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Some Honorable Mentions…..

The Saw, Insidious , Annabelle Comes Home , The Nun ,Exorcism of Emily Rose.