International Olympic Day : History, Theme, Significance And Many More

International Olympic Day : History, Theme, Significance And Many More

International Olympic day, these days used to be observed every year on 23rd June . Apart from any other specificity, this day has also some reason and importance which make it to celebrate on an international level. Basically, this day is observed in order to gift tribute to those people who are involving in different sports events. The International Olympic day was established by International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Sorbonne, which is in Paris in the year 1894, in order to promote, conduct and regulate the modern Olympic Games.

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Well, we all know that every year Olympic game or event used to be observed on an international level where different country used to take part in different Sports. In the last year, India has also owned a gold medal, which was brought up by Neeraj Chopra for a javelin throw.

Mainly other countries have also own several gold, silver and bronze medal. The United States is the country who has won Olympics 2021. Today, we will not talk about which country has won the Olympics or not how many medals they have gained.

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Today we will talk about the International Olympic Day. Why do we used to observe this day? What is the history and reason behind celebrating it? What is the exact significance behind celebrating it? The particular theme which has been chosen into celebration this year and many other things. So if you do not know why this International Olympic day is being observed, then you are exactly at the right place as we will provide every information regarding it. So try to read on till the end to earn the maximum number of information regarding this day.

Why do we celebrate the International Olympic day?

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International Olympic day is celebrated on 23rd June of every year to promote sports and health. This day also reveals that why sports is an important part and also please an important role in every human life to provide them a perfect and healthy life. It also talks about why a person should involve himself in a sport in order to stay healthy.

History behind celebrating International Olympic day :

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The major history of this day lies in the 42nd IOC Session in St Moritz. Probably in the year 1948, a Czech IOC member, named doctor Gruss, represented the idea of celebrating International Olympic day at the 41st session of the International Olympic Committee in Stockholm, Sweden. This day is based upon the idea of the movement of the Olympics. On 23rd June, 1894,  at Sorbonne Paris, it celebrated the founding of the IOC. In that year, Pierre de Coubertin revived the Olympic Games. The National Olympic Committee (NOC) was the one to create this event, which has actually created a special moment in the history of the Olympic games.

Significance of this day :

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These days play an important role motivate a maximum number of people to be involved in different games and also spread awareness regarding various sports-related activities. National Olympic Committee (NOC) was the one who has organises events that cover 150 countries, actually comprises Olympic day runs.Even the maximum number of school and institution mark this day as an important day and make students understand regarding the importance of sports in their day-to-day life.

Theme for 2022 :

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Every year in order to observe these days on an international level NOC or National Olympic Committee used to selected theme based upon which the entire event used to be organised and celebrated. This year 2022, the theme which has been selected is  ‘Together for a Peaceful World’. As of information based upon this thing National Olympic Committee or NOC is going to arrange every event.

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