Ambubachi 2022 : Do You Know The Actual History Behind Celebrating This Day Every Year? If Not Then Read On To Know!

Ambubachi 2022 : Do You Know The Actual History Behind Celebrating This Day Every Year? If Not Then Read On To Know!

Since our childhood, we all know that every year our elder used to tell us that Ambubachi is arriving soon. We have been a small child or kid always is used to ask our parents or elder what is it? And what is the reason behind observing this day? Well, that time our parents use to told us it is the time where female gods used to be worshipped. As being a small child, we cannot understand the concept of mensturation, and as a result we cannot understand what is the exact reason behind celebrating Ambubachi.

After doing older, we learn about that Ambubachi is celebrated to observe the Menstruation period of female goddess. In this time, people used to observe Ambubachi Mela, which is actually originated and celebrated in Kamakhya, which is in Assam. According to the history, in this time every female goddess used to go through mensturation as being women we used to go through. Every house used to cover all the pictures of a female goddess with red cloth, and often used to pray and worship the male goddess in this period.

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Well now, you might think that how a female goddess goes through mensuration period? Is there any scientific knowledge that god is used to go through it? And how can we assure that this Ambubachi Mela is celebrated in order to observe mensturation of a female goddess? This type of questions might strike your mind right now. Well, today in this article we will talk about every thing related to Ambubachi.

As we all know from today onwards, this Mela is going to be started, and every house is going to cover a female goddess picture with red cloth, so in order to make you understand and provide brief information regarding it, we are here. Try to read on till the end together information regarding it, which will be much more beneficial for you.

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Ambubachi is a Sanskrit term known as ‘ambuvaci’, from here the local Assamese term has been derived as ‘ambubachi’ or ‘ambubosi’. This actually means ‘the issuing forth water’ in simple words, which means earth’s water is being swelled in the monsoon’s month. Though the majority used to think that festival used to be observed as because in this period goddess Kamakhya used to go through menstruation, whereas the entire Mother Earth, used to bleed in this season, but for this festival Kamakhya is considered to be the prime focal point as here the seat of Goddess’s yoni is found.

Well, we all know about the history, that how Sati has sacrifice her life and how Vishnu has divided her body into 51 parts with (which is commonly known as Shakti Peetha in Sanskrit) his Sudarshan Chakra in order to stop Mahadev from destroying the entire world. As of information, one of the part of Sati, mainly the Yoni or the genital part, has fallen Nilachal Hill where the exact Kamakhya Temple has been situated.

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According to the mythology, the specific hill or Nilachal Hill, was considered to be a representative part of Mahadev or Lord Shiva. The moment Sati’s genital or yoni fell on the Nilachal hill, the entire hill has transferred into the colour blue and from then onwards it has been considered to be called in the name of Nilachal or the Blue hill, which means blue mountain. As of the gathered information during the Ambubachi Mela, the Temple precincts are closed as worshippers used to believe that the goddess Kamakhya along with the earth goes through their menstrual cycle.

This specific festival used to be observed in June when the sun transit to the zodiac of Mithun during the height of the rainy season. That season red hematite present in the soil mixes usually mixes up with the water of the natural spring season and moistens the yoni, from here, people used to believe that mother Earth is going through her menstrual cycle.

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The temple used to be remain closed for the next 4 days and it was open on the 5th day. After the reopen of the temple, all the worshipers used to rush to the temple in order to collect unique Prasad from the temple. This Prasad is nothing but parts of the cloth moist with the menstrual fluid of the Devi. This place is quite auspicious as people from the original part used to visit here in order to get the blessings of goddess.

Though till date no such image of goddess Kamakhya has been identified in this Temple, but still a sculptured image of the yoni of the Goddess is actually present in the temple. This sculptured image is considered to be the object of reverence. Here, natural spring moisten the stone. Even in this time farmer doesn’t use to farm as they used to believe it is going to harm the mother earth who is actually going through her menstrual cycle. Similarly, people also use to covered picture of every female goddess with red cloth and do not worship there for a next four days.

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Hope this information was enough helpful as we have provided some are known information regarding Ambubachi Mela which is going to be helpful for you. Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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