What is IoT? How different things are being handled by IoT?

IOT Internet of Things concept as vector illustration

What is IoT?

The IoT or Internet of Things refers to millions of physical devices all over the world which are connected to the internet and are collecting and sharing data. Due to the advent of super-cheap computer chips and the availability of wireless networks, it’s possible to turn any device, which may be as small as a pill into something as big as an airplane, into the world of IoT. Adding sensors and connecting all these devices, adds the security of digital intelligence to the dumb devices, which enables them to communicate real-time data within themselves and without any human interruption. The Internet of Things is making our world smarter and more responsive and combines the physical and digital universes.


What can be an example of the Internet of Things device?

Almost every physical object can be transformed into an IoT device if it can be connected to the internet to communicate and control information. The term IoT is mainly used for devices that you will not expect to have an internet connection and can communicate with the network. Due to this reason, a PC is not considered an IoT device and not even a smartphone. However, a fitness band or a smartwatch can be listed as an IoT device.


Water Purifier

A water Purifier is an extremely important device in our household. Parameters for good quality drinking water changes from house to house. To ensure safe drinking water every time, you need to calculate data from every house. An IoT enabled water purifier along with its sensors tracks a household’s water input and consumption in real-time. The seven-stage filtration process present in MI gives access to clean water throughout the day.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier app

The Eureka Forbes comes with a fully automatic one. When the filters have clogged and needed to be changed, it puts out an alert with the information to your smartphone as well as to the technicians through the company’s CRM platform. The system assigns the right technicians who are trained to work on high-end devices. It also generates alerts for the integrated ERP system, which again identifies the spare parts and conveys their availability to the technician. Earlier, the technicians had to visit the site, inspect the machine and troubleshoot the problems. With an IoT system, the machine can display the general area of the problem even before the technician’s visit and appointments can be made right from your mobile phone. As people are very conscious of health and hygiene, alerts with proper information regarding the same will be sent to your smartphone every time.

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Air Conditioner (AC)

Air conditioners that are IoT enabled are connected to the internet just like the water purifier and supply the AC unit with information and allow the AC unit to send its information to the control system. The information received from the AC unit includes weather forecasts and important dates, while information that is sent from the AC unit includes energy usage and internal temperatures. As there are no human interventions, all the readings activate the AC unit to perform second-by-second analysis and adjust itself depending on the conditions. An AC with IoT technology can even sense the number of people in the house and disperse cold air to maximize the comfort of each and every individual. Due to fact that it is always correcting temperatures according to the condition IoT can also reduce electricity consumption by 20% as compared to a Conventional AC.

air conditioner hand remote

IoT-enabled AC’s have the feature to connect with your smartphone and operate all the features just by connecting with the internet. Different AC brands use their respective mobile application to connect with their AC unit like Panasonic use their own app called MirAle.

Aircloud Hitachi 1020x642 3

In our present world, almost every possible appliance is transforming into an IoT device and with the use of the internet, our future is all digital. This advantage of being in a connected world makes our daily life very much easy and smooth.

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