“Communication” made more effective to maintain every relations.


As, to maintain relation between family and friends,we should balanced our communication to develop it.

Every communication involves one sender,a message and a recipient. This may sound simple but communication is actually a very complex subject. The transmission of message from sender to receipt can be affected by a huge range of things. These include our emotions, the culture situation, the medium used to communicate and even our location. The complexity is good communication skills are considered so desirable by employers around the world. The importing or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium to carry on the conversation between one to other.

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Nowadays, television plays an important role in human’s life. It is the main information source and it’s popularity is still growing day by day new technological innovations and introduced. Almost all activities at home have already been machinized we use machine for everything for example, we use microwave oven to prepare food more quickly than we used to do it before; we order foods, books and anything else we need just by clicking on a few buttoms on the keyboard of mobile and computer. In one word we can say the world in the palm of our hand. Also we use mobile phones to be always in touch with our family, friends and the rest of the World.

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This is the good side of using technology. A few centuries ago people used to read newspaper and find out everything that had happened all over the world. Today newspaper are almost completely replaced by a newly invented gadgets.

This innovative is called television. Every evening family members sit in front of TV set and watch program such as talk show, news, movies and even something saying to each other. Instead of sitting around the dinning table and talking each other about what happened earlier that day they sit on the sofa and geze at the TV screen.

What do we usually to relax ourself and have some fun after a whole day’s work ? How do we spend most of the spare time with a lowest cost and both money and energy? Most of us will give the same assure: watching TV and using of mobile phones.

As promoted by the development of modern science and technology, television program today attract a vaster group of audience by tremendously enriched contents and 24 hours rolling schedule than even before. That fact that television seems to control own choice of besure and entertainment has recently brought a problem to focus: wheather has television destroyed communication among friends and family? This statement insists that such lack of communications should attribute to television.

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First of all, the advantage of television will speech for itself. As known to all, what we find in television is not only some enjoyment or recreation to kill time but also an important source of knowledge and information imagine how television makes us familiar with the miracle creatures in the deep ocean that is unavailable otherwise.

Undoubtedly television is an indispensable channel for us to learn the world outside. As far as the interpersonal communication is concerned, television also plays a role in improving but destroying like someones thinks, the relationship and understanding among friends and family. A good case in the point is that television often focuses the attention of public by broadcasting current events, social news and popular teleplays.

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It is always easy to find interesting topics with friends and colleagues if your have same TV program lately and want to share the ideas about it. As, in many family, where we are sitting together and watching tele-films because it is the moment for us to feel and enjoy the peacefulness and happiness of family life.

In the second place, program on television have some nagative effects on us in terms of violance, illusion and even brain malfunctions. People who are infected with long exposure to television will indulge themselves in a world full of illusionary views of life. How can those people have good time with their friends or other family members? Without television we will have more chances to realise this would realistically cherishing people who are loveable, paying more attention to social problems and leading an optimistic life! From this point of view, television seems to be a source of all these tragedies! Admittedly, television is obviously a tool for us to burdan our horizon and entertain ourselves.

It must admire by ourself to maintain the relation through an effective and efficiency way of communication.