Piano: Learn to play the grand and beautiful instrument.


Many people who need to be told to play the piano square measure shelve by the concept of paying long, boring hours learning music notes. If you’re serious regarding learning to play the piano, the primary factor you may have to do is place those negative thoughts behind and begin with AN open mind. It will take time and affirmative, you’ve got to be told the music notes, however it doesn’t have to be compelled to be boring, and it definitely doesn’t have to be compelled to take forever before you learn to play on your own. Follow these seven steps fastidiously, and you’ll be enjoying your 1st songs in a terribly very short time.

Music notes could seem strange currently, however thus did the letters of the alphabet once you 1st encountered them as a baby. Your curiosity and also the constant use of the written and speech around you has furnished  your ability to browse and not be fearful of written words once you see them. identical can happen for music notes. they’re the basic principle of music, and with constant apply you may learn to sight browse them a bit like you’re sight reading this info currently. Here goes:

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Step by Step Piano Learning:

Let’s begin you off with the popular show tune from “The Sound of Music” – 

Music notes square measure marked by the letters A B C D E F G. The show tunes are accustomed to assist you get the pitch of the notes while still learning the keys.

That note within the center of the workers is tone. Position yourself within the middle of your piano, and let’s realize the tone and learn the piano keys.

Tip: The notes on the clef (top) square measure the upper pitch notes and people on the clef (bottom) square measure the lower pitch. The clef notes (higher notes) match up with the keys attending to the correct tone and square measure usually vie with the correct hand unless the music piece needs otherwise.

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The black keys square measure accustomed play what’s called sharp (#) and flat (b) notes and seem in teams of twos and threes. rummage around for the set of 5 black keys (1 cluster of three and one in every of 2) that square measure within the center of your piano.

Middle C is the white key to the left of the 2 black keys within the middle of the piano. Place finger one (your right thumb) on tone. If you go up and down the complete length of the piano you may notice that the key to the immediate left of any set of 2 black keys may be a C. 

Now look at the diagram below and have some fun enjoying the tune. keep in mind you begin at tone, and might go up and down the piano orienting yourself with the keys.

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Now let’s jazz things up a touch and take a look at enjoying another simple song – Jingle Bells. Study the diagram showing the keys and also the music sheet. The four/4 to the left of the musical notation implies that every measure/bar needs four beats – one and a pair of and three and 4 and. persist to consecutive steps to be told the count for every note on the music sheet.

Each note indicates what proportion count it ought to receive (how long you ought to down the key). 3 notes square measure utilized in the music sheet however there square measure a lot of (research those). establish the notes one at a time then browse below for the selected counts.

Whole note – Four beats (1 and -2 and – three and – four and).

Half note – 2 beats (1 and a pair of and).

Quarter note – One beat (1 and)

The first live version of the music sheet has 3 E notes. 2 squares measure quarter notes and also a tone. Play these till you get the suspension of it then go on to the opposite measures till you’ll play them in succession.

Revise steps one to 6 and continue active till you’ll play Jingle Bells. Once you square measure assured you’ve got to learn your piano keys and also the music notes you’ll play alternative songs which are able to even need each hand.

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