Planning to make a career from Youtube? Follow these 5 steps right now


Youtube is now not only a place to be entertained or infotained, but also a place where you can start your perfect career!

Are you fascinated about the world of video contents ? Do you make good skits and can write scripts properly? Then you are absolutely in a right track. Youtube is the best way you can express your creativity and guess what? Yes, you can earn a good amount of money, even you can build your own career out of it ! Don’t be astonished. We will process step by step.

Career in Youtube
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After google, Youtube is the most is searched website on the internet. About 300 hours of videos are being uploaded in a minute in youtube. Technology analytics suggests that by 2025, Youtube will be largest OTT platform. From the beginning in 2005 till now, YouTube has covered a long journey with billions of subscribers, tons and tons of views. Now it is your time to utilize this vast audience and express your ideas, thoughts throughout videos and even make some quick bucks.

Getting Started :

Let’s take a deep breath, and dive into the world of Youtube. Just a little bit of patience, innovation, creativity, and promotional ideas, yes, that’s all you need. You have to be very careful about your props and setups. Always remember, good quality of audio and video would surely please tour audience. Prepare a well-lit room or setup where you can shoot freely. Put cameras or lenses in a right, suitable angle from where you can face the camera properly. For Audio, you can use wireless microphones with noise clearance filter. But it is always suggested that you shoot in a quiet place where you don’t have unwanted sounds or visuals.

Prepare your pens and…

You are now all set to shoot. But, if you have not thought about what to say in your channel yet, then think now ! Decide on which topic you are going to entertain or infotain your audience. Then write the script properly. Do a re-check. For reference, you can watch some famous youtuber’s skits or contents, or you can just perform a stand-up. Everything is up to you ! In the end of the day, that’s your world.


Execute Your Plan :

Now it’s time to execute the plan you neatly weaved. Give your best in front of Camera. Make sure your content is easily understandable for the audiences of all age groups. Don’t make it complex unnecessarily. Stats reveal that age group of 18-50 mostly watch youtube in their leisure time. Edit your youtube Channel’s layout accordingly as your theme of the contents. Do some little editing and Bam ! Your first ever YouTube video is ready. Just keep in mind, don’t repeat the same content again and again. It will make your viewers annoyed. Make your viewers happy, be regular.

Use your Social Media Influence Wisely :

Before getting started, you have to understand the sole goal of your video making. In one hand, it will express your creativity and aesthetics and on the other hand, it will help you earn some extra bucks. And When you are going to do that ? Yes, by using your social media influence. Do share your video in every of your social media handle. Ask your friends to like and Subscribe your channel in youtube. Don’t be shy to post your video often, don’t be irregular. If you consistently upload videos, YouTube is going to give you something in return.

Get your Channel Monetized by Youtube :

After satisfying your creative mind and your subscribers, it’s now time to satisfy your pocket. You have to understand YouTube’s Monetization Policy properly. There are certain criterias to get your videos monetized. You have to create your own adsense account. After achieving these certain criteria, youtube offers some partnering policy. They will run advertisements before your video. Once you are partnered with Youtube, you will earn money in every view on your videos. Besides, you can earn money by branding your Channel with famous brands! But first, be patient enough to grow your channel. Invest your time and innovative ideas and see your channel growing.

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So readers, What are you waiting for ? Grab your opportunities and dive into the world of creativity, fame and prosperity. Wishing you a very bright future ahead.