“Technology and Social Change”: Circulation of social life around modern technology!! Let us find out how??

Technology and Social Change

In the social atmosphere we live in, the application of scientific knowledge to the development of tools to solve specific problems is known as technology. Automobiles, aircraft, radio, television, cellular phones, computers, modems, and fax machines are examples of technological developments that have brought significant advancements and improvements to the world.

Indeed, twentieth-century technology has permanently altered the way people meet, communicate, read, and function.

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Technological influences play a significant role in affecting social change as well. So, what exactly is technology? How does it affect social change?

The term “technology” has a broader meaning in sociology. It entails the systematic arrangement and implementation of scientific knowledge in order to meet human needs.

Technology is a byproduct of its use. When scientific knowledge is applied to real-world problems, it is called technology. Technology is rapidly evolving. The modern era is known as the “Day of Technology.”

“Technology changes society by changing our environments, which we then adopt”

W.F. Ogburn

This transition is normally in the material world, and the adjustments we make in response to these changes often alter customs and social institutions, resulting in a social shift.

Certain Source of Change caused by Technology:

We can see two major important type of Technological Changes caused in the society: 

(i) Various kind of Inventions.

(ii) New area of Discovery.

  • (i) Invention refers to the creation of new methods for applying existing information or for combining existing objects. A single technological breakthrough can have a significant impact on society. The invention of the car is a good example of invention.
  • (ii) The term “discovery” refers to a new perspective on the world. Another source of technological advancement is what is known as discovery.

Example-Modern medicines are partly the result of biological discoveries and partly the result of innovation.

Invention and exploration are important aspects of our time. Apart from these two, three technical forces are the primary drivers of social change.

They are:

(a) Technological Innovations.

(b) Changes in production technology.

(c) Changes in transportation and communication.

(a) Technological Innovations:

Technological advancements have ushered in revolutionary improvements in man’s perception of the world and universe. The universe is no longer a mysterious creation for man, since natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes, and droughts, among others, are no longer seen as divine punishments for man’s wrongdoings. No one has ever been able to figure out what caused them

(b) Changes in production technology:

The gradual growth of an agrarian economy has been aided by the invention of new agricultural methods and chemical steps. Industrialization has resulted in a variety of shifts in the family, women’s status, people’s way of life, faith, and ideologies, among other things. It has also resulted in the creation of new forms of social organisation in urban areas.

(c) Changes in transportation and communication:

The socio-cultural life has been profoundly affected by rapid advancements in transportation and communication. It has dismantled regional barriers. Transportation has enabled global trade and commerce, and communication technology has heightened national awareness.

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Cultural influences, in addition to the aforementioned factors, play an important role in bringing about technological change. Customs, customs, folkways, mores practises, populism, and other factors have both opposed and contributed to technological advancements.

Effects of Technology:

No technological or non-technological system, whether invented within a society or borrowed from elsewhere, may ostensibly create a network of results. Person status is no longer assigned; rather, it is earned. What a man has, not what he is, is how he is measured.

By nature, social relationships are becoming more shallow, transitory, and selfish. Technological advancements have resulted in some significant shifts in social structure.

Now in the age of 2021, it is undeniable that society cannot exist without technology. Thus we have to find a way to exist with technology and figure out the boon and the bad for ourselves and draw boundaries.