Terrorism: A cowardice act!


“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?”

Howard Zinn

Terrorism is the act of using force or violence against any person or property to coerce the government. It not only coerces the government but the entire democracy of that particular nation. An act of cowards, terrorism creates fear to intimate the society and ethnic communities.

Terrorism is an act of extremist and has no religion. It involves all activities surrounding hijacking, taking hostages. Bombing cars, suicide bombers, fundamentally anything that causes demolition in a large mass of people.


Explosion: This category of terrorism takes place mostly in places that are quite popular and has an assembly of people. Finding explosive material is not that difficult in today’s world, one can easily find them anywhere like hardware stores. The main intention of explosive terrorism is to damage property and take lives.

The infamous Mumbai attack in 2008 gives us an account of the suffering and pain it causes to individuals.

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Bio-terrorism: The intentional release of injurious means to destroy the lives of humans, plants, and other animals. Unlike an explosion, it does not happen abruptly, it mostly causes slow death which is even more painful. The agents are altered in laboratories to increase their resistance and their ability to transmit in the environment.

Nuclear: Nuclear terrorism is the deadliest of all. It holds the capability to corrode an entire city in one go. The nuclear bomb was only dropped by the USA to end World War II.

Chemical: The use of chemical weapons to torture the lives out of people is heinous. This act of terrorism was used in World War I to cause severe lung disease so that individuals find it hard to breathe that later caused death.


The waves of terrorism are long-lasting. It causes permanent destruction in people’s lives. The dread sorrow of losing their loved ones is rather disastrous. The impact is experienced by societies, communities, and entities on numerous levels. The chronic symptoms of anxiety, depression, and trauma of a person who has seen the deeds of destruction is sort of undying.

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The aftermath of terrorism has a powerful impact on children. The experience of something this lethal makes the children believe that the world is doomed.  Research shows that it creates a feeling of insecurity among children. They lose their optimism and courage and grow up to be bizarre adults.


This topic is moderately controversial. Today we will discuss the underlying causes that, according to me, cause violence in the modern world. I believe that the act of terrorism is the result of the deprivation and inequality in the community. The stiffness of society followed by the constant metaphoric gravity in this despairing world makes one hungry for power and due to the lack of awareness, people tend to take this sinful step. 

The want of becoming superior, the lack of political legality as well as the lack of political outer edge, results in ideological terrorism. The societal change that is brought to us with modernism ignites the condition of terrorist activities.

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Boko Haram: Jihadist terrorist group that was most active in the north-eastern part of Nigeria and Chad.

Al Queda: Sunni Muslim terrorist summit that was started by Osama Bin Laden was active in most parts of the world.

Taiban :-Sunni Islamic military organization in Afghanistan. It is currently instigating the war in the country.

ISIS: Most active in Iraq, it follows the Salafi jihadist doctrine of Sunni Islam.

The biggest setback of the modern world is terrorism. It not only destroys lives and property but the whole idea of world peace is seized. It exploits the quality of lifestyle in the communities. The leaders of the world ought to invest ideas to make this world a more equal place, which will help to rip the notion of terrorism from the grassroots.