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Stop Human Trafficking! We Are Not Up For Sale.


Even though slavery was abominated fifty years ago, it seems that history always finds a way to repeat itself. Human slavery is found in the modern world with all its stomach-turning potentials. Men, women, and children from all parts of the world are traded in exchange for money. They are secretly taken across borders and are sold like ordinary objects with the only tenacity of exploitation.


Women are most likely to be trafficked for the sole purpose of becoming sex slaves, men, and children for their organs and labor. This is a grave issue, still many countries do not consider it to be one to invest capital to stop human trafficking. Every year thousands of individuals are trafficked, their lives including the lives of other members of the family are ruined, but the leaders of the world still find this issue to be vague and unworthy of their attention.

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The victims are physically assaulted- they are beaten, tortured sexually, barely given any food to eat or any water to drink, deprived of their sleep, and are forced to do things according to their abductor. This not only creates physical strain but the impact of this torture creates a gigantic amount of pressure on one’s mind. It destroys one both mentally and physically.

Young girls are often sold at a higher price due to their purity.  This is often called child prostitution and unfortunately, it rising with the passage of time and It is becoming a million-dollar industry.

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Worst Countries for Human Trafficking:

In Thailand: In 2020, 1807 men, women, and children were sold off from the shores of Thailand. The trade for human flesh is mainly for two reasons: the fish trade and the sex trade. Millions of fishes are traded from Thailand every year but what people do not know is that more than 2000 women are also exported with the fish.

In Bangladesh: Both men and women of Bangladesh are traded every year for the purpose of bonded labor, forced labor, and commercial sexual exploitation. Some parents sell their children into bondage for some amount of hard cash.

In India: In India, almost 2000 Women are trafficked every year mostly from places like Maharastra, Bihar, Utter Pradesh, West Bengal, and some other rustic places. This country was once considered one of the most dangerous places for human trafficking.

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Human trafficking is the end result of the continuous degradation of the quality of life, lack of proper education which affects the basic human right of an individual. Even today when the glories of modernism are found in every inch of our life, the fight for survival and endurance still remains in the hidden corners of society. Under the glamour of modern-day society lies the darkness of reality that is slowly but steadily poisoning the lives of thousands.

Revolutions do not happen over night. To make a change happen rather than solve the problem of human trafficking one must get into the root of it. What causes people to become traffickers of human flesh? It is the need for money. The conditions and qualities of life are in to be improved in all parts of the world. Easy access to education will stimulate people to go to a school that will in turn open their minds.

This global problem has been in existence for over a century now. This is high time that the battle between the classes of people stops. Everyone in this world deserves to have the basic human right of existence and nobody in the world can be so powerful to take that away from you.