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Himalayas, mountains like Heaven. If I were a car, traveling would be my fuel. That is why I escape from this puffed-up city life and run away to the Himalayas very often. These excursions of mine, with my mother, have given me quite a good amount of experience to figure out a few things that everyone must mind while enjoying the majestic mountains of the Himalayas.

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Let’s walk to Himalayas!!

The Himalayas are heavenly, starting your day with the rising of the sun is a valuable thing to do when one is planning to spend their vacation there. The site of the sun rising on top of the snow-capped mountains, the sky filled with blue and white frothy clouds floating around and the first rays of the sun making the snow looks like a chunk of gold on the top of the mountain will set the right tones for your day.

Besides it is also a smart thing to thing to do because as soon as the sun sets the beautiful view of the mountains to get hidden in the darkness. It is not only impractical but also quite risky to drive on the serpentine roads of the Himalayas.

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Keep yourself hydrated all the time. Walking on mountain roads drains a lot more energy than walking on plain land which sometimes leads to dehydration, this is why one must keep on drinking water because lack of fluids can make your legs cramped, and really no one wants to have their legs cramped when hiking through the woods and valleys of the mountain. Choosing to drink packaged drinking water is always a vital thing to do.


The core of the Himalayas has few of the country’s most rustic places to offer. One such place that I have recently been to is Peiling. It is a small town in Sikkim. This place is so far-flung that the nearest doctor is awfully far away. So to avoid certain circumstances it is essential to carry some medicines. It is important to be fully prepared from before so that one can have the most perfect vacation in the Himalayas.

The best way to explore the local markets is by walking. To get the true taste of the place, people, and food, walking is essential. So it is very important to wear comfortable shoes. To avoid the constant irritation of blisters and foot pain wearing the right kind of shoe is essential. Sneakers work best for me but you need to find out what works best for the shape of your foot.

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I personally like to visit places that are not that popularized. One such place is Sangla valley which is a very small town in Kinnaur. These kinds of places might become a little boring after darkness as there is a very little amount of crowd and it is not at all a place for the lovers of shopping since these kinds of places don’t have such beautiful markets like Manali. So it is smart to book a hotel with bonfire facilities. I must say that the warmth of the fire feels heavenly after a tiring day of hiking.

 If u love adventure like me then do not skip climbing any peak because the view from each one of them is not only exclusive but also very angelic. One of the best views of my life is the one that I was blessed to experience in the Beas Kund trek, two days long hike through amphitheaters of the mountains of Himachal Pradesh.  

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Trekking can sound quite vicious to many but the view from the very top of the mountain is epic. The cold wind slapping your face feels godly and I really do not hesitate to say that all the efforts that require to climb the mountain is worthy at the end of it when one has reached the top. Standing in front of those huge, immense pieces of metamorphic rock can make u feel like the tiniest being alive on earth.

Mountains teach that not everything in this world can be rationally explained.” I cannot agree more. Travelling has given me the freedom that I kept on looking for somewhere else. Sometimes vacationing in the mountains can be a little tricky but if one keeps a few of the above-discussed things in mind, it is going to be the best way to find the inner child in you.

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