“Happiness: It’s good to be Happy” But how? Let’s check 7 Ways to Be Happy!!


Being happy is related with a series of positive feelings. So, in order to break out of the sadness trap, break it with activities that immediately connect you to something that makes you hopeful.

Using positive memory to be happy

Remembering something that made you feel good boosts your well-being quickly. You can use your memory to quickly get you in a better mood, or feel confident!

Adrian Dahl Askelund writes that positive memory has the power to reduce vulnerability to depression! You can travel to a better place within your mind, and remember a time with a person, or how you achieved something!

This process will need you to be at a quiet place, where you can really focus on your memory. This will help you feel and perceive every positive emotion.


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Old favourite songs

The music you listen to often reflects your mood! Turn to calm, comforting music when you feel troubled or messed up. More importantly, think of an old favourite song, or an album that you loved as a child, or an early teen.

It does magic! Your old favorite songs have memories associated with it, even if it reminds you of your lost love! Nostalgia is a happy feeling, after all.


Change of space

Get dressed and step out of the door! Go anywhere. A long walk by yourself works best! Or a visit to the sea, the mountains, anywhere- the people and places around you can change your feelings completely.

Remember to avoid people who make you feel chronically sad! These groups will never help you towards betterment.


Open doors for new learning

Learning a new instrument, a new language, or any life-skill like driving or cooking gives you an instant sense of achievement.

It also does wonders for shifting your focus from your present mood. This will boost your self-confidence. Also, while you are learning it, don’t forget to connect with new people.

Learning from the people you meet, or your friends, is an awesome way to internalise what you are trying to learn!

Call a friend!

We all have that one friend, or two, who are just a call away.

Talking to an old friend, or new perhaps, will allow you to share your trouble. And being listened to is an important part of letting go of your worries.

If you cannot speak to a friend, write it down in a letter, or write down your feelings in a diary!

Find out how diary writing helps here.


Finish that unfinished job!

Check your to-do list, and find that one work that you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t had the time and opportunity.

Finish the work, tick it off you list, and you will definitely find a sense of achievement, and feel confident and positive about yourself.

Do what you do best!

Most often, we try to do something that we do not feel passionately about. This puts us in a trap of constantly feeling sad about ourselves.

So, you should definitely relax, and decide what you actually want to do. Find the right job, even if it compromises on the money. You will definitely feel better!

Apart from these, you can join book-clubs, travel-groups, treks, camps, etc. But always be sure that your sadness is not a serious depression.

If you find yourself constantly feeling negative about everything around you, or have suicidal thoughts, or have attempted self-harm, you should immediately find professional help.


Finally, put your mental health above all else. Do whatever it takes to be happy, because positivity can change you and the others around you, for the better!

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