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4 Bengali films to watch with kids and family that will make your weekends picture perfect.

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We all are very tired of busy life amd often fail to spend time with kids of our family. Here are few Bengali films to watch with kids and family that will give have a picture perfect weekend.

Between the enticing English cartoons, fun-filled TV shows, mobiles and video games, our kids recently do not get enough exposure to Bengali amusement. One potential remedy will be giving them chance to look at smart movies. The Bengali film library features a range of gems that are best suited to youngsters. These classics typically mix thoughtfulness with complete amusement. Beside this we all are tired of hectic city life and as a result the kids of family are suffering as we can not spend time with them. Here are some Bengali films to watch with kids and make our weekends perfect.


(1) Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen – ‘Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne’ is believed to be one among the foremost fascinating selections in Satyajit Ray’s career, given his tradition of creating films with serious and powerful social messages. It’s a youngsters fantasy journey revolving round the titular characters Goopy and Bagha and impressed by a story written by Ray’s grandad Upendra Kishor Roychoudhary. Except for narrating social problems, this Bengali classic showed truth that means of relationship. The manner Goopy and Bagha stand aspect by aspect even once facing their hardest obstacles, it redefines the bonds of loyalty. The scene of ‘Bhoter Raja’ adds extra charm to the film and so it becomes children’s one of the favorite films.

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(2) Haami – ‘Haami’ centers on the burning problems that plague the younger generation these days exploring a contemporary retelling of the student-teacher relationship in railroad town faculties currently. Directed by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee, it shows however minor problems are usually blown up by excessively involved oldsters and suspicious faculty authorities. An innocent kiss between 2 cute children fuels a windstorm of controversies that mirror recent distressing incidents in faculties. 

Gargi Roychoudhury here plays the lovable very little Bhutu’s mother, a lady who appears to be a sharpie, and sharply protecting of her family. She is even fearless in proving her rights. It’s a brightly written character, and therefore the actor simply excelled for the half. Her diluted expressions, humourous dialogues, funny antics; all of those portrays the final word upper-middle-class family relationship in an exceedingly straightforward method.

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(3) Sonar Kella – The detective genre was associate unknown space in Indian cinema at that point and ‘Sonar Kella’ became a major milestone for its distinctive material and its scope. Ray used Indian history to explore the mystery genre. Supported a completely unique of an equivalent name by Satyajit Ray himself, it deals with detective Feluda’s adventures.

He gave Bengali literature a series of short stories involving Feluda and his full cousin Topshe. Any cinephile who loves classical detective storytelling can become a disciple of Ray once looking this pleasing nonetheless thrilling mystery journey.

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(4) Patalghar – Based on Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay’s well-liked novel, this film may be a stunning mixture of fun, mystery and journey. It borrows appreciable quantity of ideas from Satyajit Ray like dialogues in poetry or the thought of annihilating handgun. The character of Muhammedan is a bit immature and impractical, although relevant given the narrative’s flow. The foremost engaging facet of ‘Patalghar’ is art direction. It additionally came in a time (2003)when once Bengali kids movies became an alien thought then the debutant director Abhijit Chowdhury deserves a pat on the rear for restorative the just about lost art-form.

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(5) Posto – Arko, dearly referred to as Posto (Arghya Basu Roy), could be a very little boy raised by his grandparents—Dinen Lahiri (Soumitra Chatterjee) and Gouri Lahiri (Lily Chakraborty)—in Santiniketan. His oldsters, Arnab Lahiri (Jisshu Sengupta) and Sushmita Lahiri (Mimi Chakraborty), area unit each settled in urban center. They solely visit their son once on the weekend. A clash between the grandparents and oldsters begins once the latter need to require away the kid because the father gets a suggestion to begin a building business abroad. the link between the oldsters of Posto and his grandparents, that eventually sours, drags the child into the room.

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