4 old and iconic eateries in Kolkata that is serving thousands of people everyday.



Kolkata being a prime city is surrounded by thousands of eateries all around. Among them few are very old and iconic eateries in Kolkata which is serving thousands of people everyday. Here are few eateries which are signature eating place in Kolkata.

Kolkata, the city of Joy, has all the explanations to be renamed to the town of Food. For all people who have big up or maybe remotely lived here for a short while can have valid arguments to emphasize the importance of food during this metropolis. It’s nearly as if, if you’re taking out food from it, Calcutta would simply stop to exist. From patrons of Rasgulla (argumentative) to the potato combined biriyani, Calcutta offers associate degree array of cuisines for all gourmands out there.

From the time once it wants to be the Capital until 1911, to currently in 2016, food has been associate degree integral a part of town influenced by a century of immigrating cultures and cuisines, that could be a well-known reality amongst the residents of the town. What most of them don’t apprehend is that, it additionally hosts few of the oldest restaurants within the nation. I think that was the sole upper side of the establishment by the East India company that influenced tons of contemporary day, nevertheless previous restaurants that still exist within the town area unit worshiped by all.

(1) Indian Coffee House – Standing tall within the middle of faculty Street, this place has been a usual stop for college kids over generations for ‘adda’ over a decent cup of occasional and cutlet/ pakora. What started off in Prince Albert Hall in 1942, continues to be a favorite spot amongst gift day youth. In Spite of the busy schedule they allot time to come back to occasional House for his or her intellectual conversations over neverending cups of occasional.

No wonder, this place served as a plan for the well acclaimed Bengali song by Manna Dey. Excluding the social contribution of Kolkata’s favorite restaurant, this place contributes architecturally yet. With the French windows and double height storey’s, this place provides United States many reasons to be remembered in many ways than one within the years to come back.

Location – 15, Bankim Chatterjee Street, College Street

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(2) Mitra Cafe - This century recent restaurant, once an idolized destination for observance celebrities, is all regarding the recent world charm. Still illustrious for its Kabiraji, Brain Chop, Mutton Chop, the place is full most of the days and therefore the specials disappear at intervals AN hour of its gap. Established throughout the 1920’s, it's one in every of the remaining ‘cabins’ in metropolis currently. situated close to Sovabazar railway line station, it's recognized by a visibly untidy space with a protracted queue continuing from the search.

Location - 47, Jatindra Avenue, Shobha Bazar
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(3) Eau Chew- Not several would have detected regarding Eau Chew, and it might surprise heaps of individuals that it’s one amongst the oldest family in hand Chinese restaurants in Calcutta and in India. Aside from serving authentic Chinese food, they need usually fancied originals like the chimney soup and therefore the Josephine noodles. The building that operates for under seven hours each day, strictly maintains its secrecy of recipes for generations currently. One issue distinctive regarding this place is that since its institution in around 1920, it’s a strict money solely policy. Thus bear in mind to not deem electronic cash once you’re there.

Location – 12, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Chandni Chowk

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(4) Dilkusha Cabin – Serving for quite a century, situated within the center of faculty Street, this was once a celebrated place for his or her rendition of the legendary dish referred to as Kabiraji Cutlet. Dilkusha virtually means that ‘ heart-pleasing’, and remains running serving its legendary Kabiraji and scollop. It bears testimony to the culture and also the tradition of the older generation. This 108-year-old cabin had six different cabins unfold within the town, that are home to several romances, in these personal cabins. Though the remainder of the cabins were closed down in 2011, the one in school Street still survives.

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Location – 88, Mahatma Gandhi Road, College Square

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