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6 haunted places in Kolkata you can visit if you have guts!

6 haunted places in Kolkata you can visit if you have guts!

Who doesn’t have cravings about ghosts or hsunted places, pretty much everyone.


However, it is very difficult to find ghostly objects.

For example, if you suddenly want to see a ghost, but in reality, it is impossible.

Will ghosts visit you?

No, but if you don’t think you can see ghosts, then you can definitely visit some of these places in Kolkata.

Many haunted places in our country have been standing in the same place since ancient times.

For example, Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, Mukesh Mills in Mumbai or Dow Hill in kurseong.

In all these places, just to meet the ghosts, the crowds of tourists are worth seeing.

According to ghost experts, Kolkata is a place where you can feel ghosts effortlessly.

Let’s look today at some of the haunted places in Kolkata where you can experience haunting.

1. Writer’s Building :

Writers Building at BBD Bag

Prior to 1958, the Writers’ Building was established in subjugated India, designed for the writers of the British East India Company.
In this building, on December 6, 1930, freedom fighters Binoy, Badal and Dinesh were assassinated by Inspector General Colonel Simpson.

However, Simpson’s spirit can still be seen today.

According to many, the sound of footsteps and cries can be heard on empty writers at night.

No one used to visit this area since the evening, especially since Simpson was killed on the fifth block and there have been reports of ghosts.

2. Hasting House :

Hastings House in Alipore

Hastings House was built by Warren Hastings, the British Governor General.

The Hastings House is in Alipore, although at present it has been converted into a women’s college.

Many college students claim that at night, a person is seen on horseback looking for something, wandering around.

According to many, Hastings spent his old age with great sadness, so today he wanders in search of peace even after death.

3. National Library :

National Library at Belvidere Road

The National Library was built in 1836. You will find a lot of books, but you can find ghosts too. Many claim that woman’s crying sounds are often heard at night.

Many claim that the soul of Lord Metcalfe’s wife wanders, and that the woman’s cry is here.

Many people get the feeling of the sound of someone’s heavy breathing near their neck if they do not put books properly after taking a book.

4. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station :

Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station at Mudiali

Everyone has heard the name of Rabindra Sarobar metro station, but did you know ghosts are also present here?

Many have claimed that, while returning home on the last train at night, they have had some strange experiences.

Someone has said that he has suddenly seen one shadow move away, while others claim he has heard an unexplained shout.

Rabindra Sarobar metro station has the highest number of suicides among other metro stations.

5. Park Street Cemetery :

Cemetry at Park Street

Don’t set foot in the Park Street cemetery in the dark of night.

It is heard that most of the graves here are of British soldiers.

Many years ago, a group of friends visited this Park Street cemetery and took some pictures.

Later, when they returned home, they saw that there was a strange shadow in each of those pictures.

Suddenly, one of them died of an asthma attack. Although he never suffered from asthma.

Then how he died till date this answer has not been justified.

6. Wipro Office :

wipro kolkata

Wipro Hall in Kolkata is an office where employees of the country are still forbidden to go to a certain area in the office.

Basically, the third floor of the tower number three is that forbidden place.

Locals said there was a cemetery here before the Wipro office was built. There have been multiple rapes and deaths in this cemetery.

Maybe their souls are still wandering here.

Apart from these, there are several haunted places in Kolkata, but these are the best places among others.

So are you thinking to visit them? Be careful and be safe and think twice before you decide to go.

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