The serene sea beach of Mandarmani: Plan your next 2 nights trip!

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Mandarmani is a beautiful sea beach, along a small village of south Bengal. It is located in the eastern Medinipur district, and is very near to the much crowded Digha sea beach. It is the perfect place to escape the crowds and noises of the city. If you really want to avoid ANY crowd, try and plan during the week.

Here is a guide to planning your next trip to this beautiful place.

100 miles


It is extremely easy to reach Mandarmani from Kolkata by road or by train. The nearest railway station would be Digha, while the nearest bus-stand is known as Chaulkhola.

You can either take a car, or book a bus from Esplanade of Garia to Chaulkhola. The bus takes a maximus of 4 hours to reach, with a small snack break in between. However, the bus travel is pretty hectic, and you may get impatient after a while. By car would definitely be a better option.

From the bus stand, you must book an auto to the Mandarmani sea beach.

Or, you can also take the train from Howrah to Digha, and take a rental car or auto to Mandarmani. This journey will take about three hours. The train ride is definitely more convenient than the bus ride.


There are too many hotels along the Mandarmani beach, near the main market, and the other beach, where a few 5-star hotels are. However, the beach near the main market is much cleaner and his much more convenient.

The one thing to keep in mind while chosing or booking your hotel is that the ones on the first row, that is, just along the sea-shore, will give you the BEST experience. As the high tide comes in the evening, you can see the sea touching the basement of the deck of your hotel.


Two of such hotels that have an excellent location are:

Hotel Liv Sea VALLEY

Sunview Resort

Here are the links:

Capital O 17122 Liv Sea Valley Hotel Mandarmani – Reviews, Photos & Offers ( : Hotels in Mandarmoni . Book your hotel now!


Be sure to wake up early in the morning, an take a walk along the beach. You can sit by the sea, in the tea-stalls or try some coconut water. You will see how the sea slowly recedes, and the sunrise at any sea beach is heavenly. Take a local auto to the nearby Mohanas.

Sunset at Mandarmani Beach
Misfit Wanderers

There are two Mohanas, one near the Digha beach, which is a large fish market, and the other about 20 minutes from Mandarmani. It is a large area, where the river meets the sea, and you can watch the local fishermen sail around in their boats in the morning.

Take a boat from the Mohana to the nearby beach of Tajpur, which is a similar but even less crowded beach resort area.

Visit the local market, where you can find a lot of wooden crafts, matted, hand-woven curtains, ornaments of sea-shells, and many local snacks.

Every hotel has its own kitchen, and most of them have a standard price for a meal, either veg, chicken, mutton, or fish. Obviously, do not miss the various sea fish they have to offer. The best Bengali traditional items would be:

  • Pomphret’er jhaal
  • Crab Kaaliya
  • Aloo Posto
  • Chingri Malai Curry

If you want to go on an intensive shopping spree, you can always take an auto to Digha, where there is a huge market of sea-shell ornaments, decorative items, local handicafts, and daily items.

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