A Trip to Takdah; A Quite and romantic mountain village in India


We all go to common places but the experience of traveling to some uncommon places is different. Let’s take a look at some beautiful places around Darjeeling, West Bengal, India. Takdah is such a beautiful place near Darjeeling.

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Let’s take a look at some important facts about Takdah:

Darjeeling, Kursiong, Kalimpong can be reached from anywhere. About 30 km from Darjeeling. From here you can see Kanchenjunga but you can see the horizon with dense greenery and tea gardens of different companies.

Takdah is one of the newly developed rural tourist destinations in the heart of North Bengal.

Stunning natural beauty will fascinate you. There is an interesting point here that the places where tourists stay are at the top of the hill and the places where those who work in the tea garden are at the bottom of the hill are very close to the tea garden.

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Although the growth of Takdah is in recent times, the town of Takdah is quite ancient.

The Maharaja of Sonpur in Bihar built a beautiful bungalow in Takdah for a one-time vacation. And that bungalow was not built in the style of a traditional king-maharaja’s palace, it was built on ‘colonial’ architecture.

Meanwhile, since 1900, the bungalow built by the Maharaja of Sonpur has become the number one choice of British high-ranking officers. Then one by one the area was built, about 12 bungalows of the same size. Beneath some of these bungalows, hidden bunkers from World War II can also be seen.

The European club is standing in a corner of Takdah. Which was once quite popular.

By 1915, Darjeeling’s Takdah was known around the world as the British Cantonment Area.

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The sky is covered with the fog of the tall pine trees. Ankabaka path through the inside. The sloping green tea garden slopes along the slopes of the high and low hills. Rows of white, pink and yellow dhutro flowers line the road.

And you will see multiple examples of centuries-old British architecture, small and large bungalows made of stone. Which will tell you, “We’re not gone, we’re still here.”

Once upon a time, even after riding a horse, the Companions formed a ‘British colony’ in this area. Not only colonies, but also dairy farms, chocolate factories, dairies of coventers are being built slowly. As one of the most aristocratic villages in Asia, Takda once took its place in the heart of the whole of India.

In this cloud-covered green village you will find one of the most beautiful tea gardens in the state. . Apart from Darjeeling’s most beautiful, tea garden Rangli-Rangliot tea garden, Namring, Teesta Valley tea garden can be seen here.

You will be fascinated by the magical environment of Takdah in the call of various birds and in its form-smell-decoration. Lots of places to visit near Takdah, Tinchule, 3 km away from Takdah. See and enjoy Kanchenjunga with two eyes. You can get out of Takdah in the morning and spend three hours at a time. Would love to.

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When you come back, you can spend the rest of the day at the Takdah Orchid Center looking at the colorful orchids. It is the largest orchid center in Asia. This ‘Takdah Orchid Center’ can be found within 6 miles of Takda Bazaar. A little further down the Rangli Rangliat Tea Garden is the Vanjong Bazar Crossing View Point.

From here you can see places like Kalimpong, Tiger Hill, Rambi Khola etc. That scene is impeccable in a word. You will be fascinated by the colorful orchids here.

If you can, you can go to Tinchule, 3 km away from Takdah, to spend a day in solitude. And from Takdah you can easily visit Rishop, Lava, Pedong, Silarigaon, Kalimpong. Takdah may be one of the best addresses for those who want to spend a couple of days in solitude from busy and urban life.

Although this village is located in the lap of the green hills, it still remains a dormant destination for tourists.

However, due to the increasing trend of wandering in such secluded locations outside the crowded tourist spots, it may become a well-known tourist destination in the near future. The word ‘Takdah’ or ‘tukda’ in the local language means ‘cloud-covered’.

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In fact, this hamlet is wrapped in clouds and green on the hillside. Darjeeling district’s most beautiful tea gardens can be found in this takdatei. On the way up the hill, one wants to get lost in the middle of the green surrounded tea garden.

In the rainy season, this beauty is doubled. So more or less travelers come here throughout the year. Darjeeling’s most beautiful, well-arranged tea garden on a hillside is here. It’s hard to believe without seeing the beauty of this tea garden from the front. It seems that the artist has painted this beautiful hill princess with great care.

Lots of places to visit near Takdah. A little further down the Rangli Rangliat Tea Garden is the Vanjong Bazar Crossing View Point. From here you can see places like Kalimpong, Durpin, Tiger Hill, Rambi Khola etc. This scene is perfect in one word.

There is also the Takdah Orchid Center, 6 miles from Takdah Bazaar. You will be fascinated by the colorful orchids. Another hill Hamlet Tinchule is three km away from Takda. These three hairs are now quite a well-known tourist destination.

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The confluence of the Teesta and Rangita rivers from Tinchule is a great sight. Besides, from Taqda to Lamahatta, Durpin, Peshak, Mongpu, Chhota Mangawa are all within 12-14 km. So you can come back day by day. There is also a small monastery in Takdah. Don’t forget to check it out. The serene atmosphere of this monastery brings peace.

Also from Takdah you can easily visit Rishop, Lava, Pedong, Silarigaon, Kalimpong. Takdah may be one of the best addresses for those who want to spend a couple of days in solitude from busy and urban life. It is only an hour’s drive from here to Darjeeling, so it is easy to get here from Taqda and enjoy the nostalgic toy train and Kanchenjunga.

How to go:-

The first destination to go to Takdah is by train to New Jalpaiguri station and by flight to Bagdogra Airport.Then you can reach Takdah by booking a car from there.

The distance from New Jalpaiguri to Tukdah is 90 km. 33 km from Kalimpong and 30 km from Darjeeling. It is easy to get here by renting a car.

Where to stay:-

These offbeat destinations are more or less homestay, bungalow, all so there is no reason to worry. The homestays are decorated with beautiful mountain trees and flowers, as well as the amazing mountain beauty that will blow your mind.

You can spend the night in Takda. The bungalows built in the English period in Takda Heritage Bungalow are now in a new look, there is a lot of opportunity to get lost in the nature sitting on the green grass lawn in front of the bunglow.

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So what are you waiting for ? Let’s make a plan to visit Takdah in this charming winter. And please don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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