“My kid became addicted to his phone” !! Can too much smart phone usages affect your children’s health ?


Nowadays, there is always a saying that “my son and daughter are using the phones whenever they get a chance”.

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Have you ever thought that we are responsible for this habit of theirs?

We call to satisfy their unreasonable desires and wishes, not even realizing that we are harming them.

Proud to say ‘my kids know everything about smartphones’ but do you know that this habit of yours is seriously harming the baby?

Nowadays children are much more adept than any adult. He has some ‘achievements’ but adults. Are you also handing over your smartphone to handle the baby’s deposit or to keep him in one place? And the child is learning everything about the mobile phone while using it.

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The online games of this generation of children, the extra inclination towards mobile is constantly putting pressure on their fingers. The muscles at the base of the finger are tired, but there is no salvation.

Children are suffering from spondylitis at an early age as they are constantly engrossed in mobile phones. As a result, their fingers are numb.

Children are so addicted to smartphones that they are not interested in playing on the field or spending time with friends or reading story books. They are gradually becoming addicted to the phone. As a result, the incidence of radiation in the child’s brain is increasing rapidly.

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Many countries have banned the use of mobile phones before the age of 12. But there is no such awareness in this country. And even if there is, no one obeys.

Children using smartphones have created that problem:-

1.The baby is a little annoyed, can’t be happy with anything for long. Radiation damage increases heart problems and high blood pressure at a young age.

2.Prolonged use of sophisticated devices like mobiles causes eye damage. Mild eye irritation, redness, dryness of the eyes may occur.

3.Leisure time outside of studies is just spending time on the mobile phone. As a result, type two diabetes and childhood obesity are now consuming at a very young age.

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The use of mobile is not decreasing even after the damage caused by radiation.

Besides talking on mobile, watching movies and cartoons on the internet for a long time. Playing online games or video calling, chatting, the incidence of radiation is deadly. So if you try to calm the child down in this way, the danger will be greater than the good.

  1. If he or she is given a mobile phone, he should always keep an eye on what he is doing or watching.
  2. The phone should not be placed near the baby’s head while sleeping at night. Danger even if put in charge. Put it somewhere else in the room instead of in bed.
  3. Parents must be role models Spend more time sitting face to face with the baby Listen to what he is saying, tell a story Don’t give your child time to immerse yourself in the net world. Facebook in front of the child, not WhatsApp Give the child time to return from work. One-way communication takes place through the phone, which hinders the development of the baby’s brain. Two-way communication is needed for a healthy brain.
  4. The child should not talk on mobile or internet much. The microwave radiation emitted from the mobile easily enters the baby’s body. Which affects the brain, heart and liver. Due to the damage, various mobile companies now write instructions to talk on the packet of the phone, keeping a certain centimeter away. Talking on the phone for a long time causes pain in the ears and head.
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So keep the touchscreen mobile away for the beautiful and secure future of the child.

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