Shop smart in these Festive season!! 9 money saving tips to do smart shopping


Many people who love to shop jokingly say that shopping is an art. On the one hand, it is true It’s really nice to shop, but I bought what I saw in front of my eyes without thinking about it, most of the time it’s in the past. Moreover, unnecessary money is wasted So it is very important to keep a few things in mind before going shopping.

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If you plan to go shopping in advance, make a list of the things you need Then there will be an estimate about the budget in advance The possibility of wasting money is much less When shopping, if you like something out of that list, or when you go shopping, you suddenly see that you are getting something for free with something. There is nothing to buy by jumping in immediately ৷ Then first think about how much you need that thing at all If you do not need to buy?

What exactly is ‘investment shopping’?

The first word in the concept of investment shopping is quality shopping Whatever you buy, you can enjoy the fruits for a long time Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding Experts are advising the same It will save a lot of money However, it is important to plan ahead for investment shopping And investment shopping is not possible in one day Much depends on how well you save money.

Suppose you love to wear jewelry Save money and buy gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry It can be worn in festivals and ceremonies and it has also become a safe investment for the future So it is wise to buy this kind of jewelry without wasting money by buying costume jewelry.

However, not only investment, but also long-term profit is a condition of investment shopping You may be very fashionable If clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes do not match your mind does not rise But looking at that, the pocket average field 6 Instead of buying a lot, buy some expensive designer clothes You can turn it back and wear it Good things will last for many days.

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Maybe he bought a watch with accessories With the exception of a few more days, he saved some money and bought a good brand bag Or buy a good brand product when buying cosmetics Notice that a lot of your money is already living in it.

But now shopping does not mean clothes, jewelry, etc. A variety of gadgets, home appliances, all but shopping. Think about it, if you buy any of these things, you will save a lot of money Shop accordingly All in all, you have to take into account your shopping decision See how you are slowly becoming a quality shopper.

Ways to make shopping affordable:-

Unnecessary extra expenses are not a matter of work. It is pointless to spend more money on shopping. Everyone should be a little affordable in terms of spending. The money saved can be saved. It is also possible to save on shopping if you pay attention to some things.

Here are some tips to help you save money on shopping:

1. Make a shopping plan:

When it comes to shopping, many people always do the extra market they need. It can be seen that even if you don’t buy it, you can still buy it. So make a list of the market before going to the market. Market according to demand. Do not market off the list in any way.

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2. Go to the market alone:-

After listing, walk for the purpose of this market. Make sure no one else goes to the market with you. If you take someone with you to the market, your list has no meaning. Her foot order will force you to shop. So try to go to the market alone.

3. Keep an eye on the budget:-

Many people do not pay attention to the budget when shopping. There may be many things on the list that have not been bought but the budget is over. When the budget is over, stop shopping, but don’t borrow or buy the rest.

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4. Shop with cash:-

Many people use credit cards for shopping. Be sure to use cash to reduce your costs. Having a credit card will make you want to buy a lot of unnecessary things. Which will further increase your costs. Moreover, the interest on the credit card will be paid by the bank at the end of the month. So don’t do credit cards.

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5. Be patient:-

The need to buy something does not mean that you have to buy it right away. It turned out that what is needed now is not needed after a while. So wait. Shop on time. Never rush into shopping. Although there are no specific rules for reducing costs, try to follow these rules. Your savings will increase a lot if you make shopping much more affordable.

6. We are now more accustomed to using cards than to keep cash in hand. There are advantages as well as disadvantages. As a result of using the card, we do not need to keep cash. There is no doubt about the security of money. It’s not safe to go around with a lot of money at once. There is the opposite. Money is very easily available to us as a result of using the card. There is no calculation of how much money is being spent. So when saving, reduce card usage.

7.Reduce the cost of electricity. Do not consume electricity unnecessarily. Unnecessary fans, lights or many other electronic devices we use or just keep burning all day, which is not needed. Just use as much electric as you need. Then you will see that the cost has come down a lot.

8. Every one of us has a lot of unnecessary things in our house. Which we do not use. For example, after buying a new mobile phone, do you use your old one? Sell ​​things that you are not using. There are many people who want to buy old things at low prices. They need Mittal too and you got some money instead of the old thing. Now sell different things like this and save the money without spending it.

9.Supermarkets often offer a variety of offers to sell old things. You can sell old things there. Besides, we always get the opportunity to buy things at low prices. Given this opportunity, buy more than you need at once. You will see that you have saved a lot of money.

Save Calculator: Use to save money:-

Two very important things are storage calculators-

1.It helps you reach your goals within the allotted time.

2. It helps you determine how much money you need to save over a given period of time.

You can always imagine yourself being financially well-off or owning a house / car, or traveling to the best place or giving your family a better life, etc., However, the most important thing to fulfill all these desires is to save money ‘. The more you save the better life you can live it. However, many tend to fail in this practice due to delays. So, stop cheering and start saving now !

Money Saving Tips: It was best to save money.

Record your expenses:-

Recording your expenses is the first cost-effective key step you should take to save money. For a month, do a check and record all kinds of expenses you have incurred. By doing this, you will have an idea of ​​how much you are spending and how much you need to limit your spending. Following the first step will take you to the second step.

Create tight budgets:-

Start making your monthly budget according to your expenses. The key to creating a solid budget is to control and manage your spending. One of the best ways to save money is to divide your payments into clean spending heads. For example, you can divide it into 4 broad categories / sections – 30% for house and food expenses, 30% for living, 20% for savings and another 20% for debts / credits / loans etc etc .

Spend less:-

Savings = income – expenditure; We are trying to say here! This assessment gives you a very simple and easy way to save and spend. An important thing that everyone should practice is to use their earnings productively.

Limit all your extra and unnecessary expenses. Visualize what you want in the next five years, be it a house or a vehicle? And accordingly, start saving with it as the ultimate goal.

Start investing:-

The next method of saving money is investment! The basic idea behind investing is to make regular income over a period of time. Over time, your investment grows and so does your money. For example, the value of INR 500 will not be the same for the next five years (if invested!) And it could grow even more! Thus, investment is extremely important for everyone. But first you have to save money before investing! One way to get closer to your desired goal is to understand the power of compound interest. Compound interest means an interest that is not only calculated in the initial currency but also takes into account the accumulated interest as compared to the previous period.

So if you are planning to save money, there are many short-term and long-term investment options that you can consider.

Keep financial goals:-

There are financial goals to save money! Financial set up can be a big backbone for you at every point in your life. Regardless of your age, setting financial goals is crucial. By categorizing into time frames you can target short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. It gives you a very systematic and realistic outlook on your financial goals. So if you want to save money, start setting your goals in time frames.

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