Amazing fitness tips: 10 steps to take to effectively lose weight!


Fitness has today become a major issue in both students and workers, and most of us have tended to gain weight in the last one and a half years. Primarily, due to the change in all our lifestyles, and the beginning of ‘work from home’, it has become difficult to maintain a fitness routine.

Staying at home for safety reasons has stopped us from the daily physical workouts that we had pre-lockdown. The daily travel to workplaces, walks, eating habits- everything has gone through a change because of staying home, working from our self-made workspaces, and students having online classes from their hometowns.

However, from the beginning of the lockdown, doctors were talking about how the pandemic would affect out mental health and physical fitness. It is important to take care of our health during these difficult times. To do this, steps like having a healthy diet, daily walks, spending time outdoors is important.

If you feel you have gained too much unwanted weight, here are a few steps that are sure to help you re-gain your fitness:

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Keep a Fitness Journal

Keep a record of the steps you take each day in order to achieve a healthy mind and body. It could contain daily information like your rising time, the duration of your exercises, and your diet.

Keeping a record of these things will give you an idea of your progress, and what works best for you.

Healthy Diets

Apart from eating seasonal fruits and vegetables, and avoiding oily, sugary over-eating, be sure to maintain your meal timings. This is important for the maintenance of your body-clock to work efficiently, an thus help your body metabolism. Here is an article on nourishing diets to keep you fit.

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Rise Early for a Great Walk

Waking up early is amazing for a lot of reasons! First, it gives you time at the start of each day, when your mind is fresh, to go on a walk. Especially in hot summers, the whether is perfect till about 8 a.m., and its not too hot yet to step outdoors. Walks are amazing exercises for blood-sugar patients, heart diseases, burning fats, and keeping your core strong.


Exercise Daily, Download a Fitness App

There are a number of fitness applications available online that guide your exercises in a systematic way. Though some apps are unscientific and do not follow a gradual increase in the intensity of the exercises, few are extremely helpful, and encourage you to be sincere to your workouts daily!

Exercises can do wonders for not just your weight, but to improve your lifestyle in general! Now that gyms are part of the lockdown, exercising at home is a good way to go!

Lemon and Honey Water

The good old drink of warm water with honey and lemon works wonders for burning body fat, digestion and kickstarting your metabolism! Drink a glass of this every morning on an empty stomach to get best results!

Avoid Sugar

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Eating sugary food can make it difficult for you to lose weight! Especially, sugar-filled drinks and desserts can add too much sugar to your diet, and thus slow down your metabolism. If you are a tea or coffee lover try it without sugar, because lets face it, it tastes much better!

Have a regular Sleep-Cycle

Sleeping on proper time is part of a healthy lifestyle! Meditate, relax do your breathing exercises to keep your stress levels low. Avoid looking at screens just before sleeping in order to not disturb your eyes and mind! Sleep early, rise early, and make the most of your days!

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