These Heroes of Bengal renascence have used scientific technologies to encourage ethnic patriotism…

These Heroes of Bengal renascence have used scientific technologies to encourage ethnic patriotism...

You might have heard about a few Heroes of Bengal renascence have used scientific technologies to encourage ethnic patriotism.

If you ever not had heard about this Pacific thing, then you are at the right place as because in this article we are going to discuss this topic briefly.

Almost a year has been passed since unprecedented violence took place in the state of Bengal.

It has happened most probably after the Assembly election results were announced.

You might question Yourself by Bengal (which is recognised as Bangladesh and West Bengal) has suffered or gone through a lot of violence?

What was the exact demographical composition of Bengal and how it has changed; how it has affected the socio-political milieu in this specific region?

We are going to keep every answer related to your question so try to read on together information regarding this.

According to the history, The 19th century has witnessed anti-colonial nationalism in Bengal, but actually it is having its root in the pre-colonial era.

Mainly a common assertion was put forwarded by the historians and commentators, at that specific time i.e., 19th century nationalism was awakened in Bengal for the first time and it was the main outcome of western education and exposure of Indian intellectual towards the western various concept of nationalism.

Mainly after the British, the national consciousness was being more focus in order to oppose the British colonial rule.

At that period neither India not the Bengal was new to the concept of nationalism.

Basically, a few Bengal scientists has used their scientific Technology in order to encourage ethnic patriotism.

At present, they are basically known as Heroes of Bengal. Let as discussed the work and philosophy of four major scientists of Bengal in the 19th century of the top 4 scientists.

The fundamental similarity between all of them is their mind belong to same or different discipline of science, their professional work and beliefs were deeply rooted to the Hindu philosophy.

Jagadish Chandra Bose : 1858-1937

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Among, the four heroes Jagadish Chandra Bose is the one of the most famous known heroes who have struggled a lot in order to encourage ethnic patriotism.

He was mainly practicing scientist who had studied at St Xavier’s College, Calcutta and Universities of Cambridge and London.

According to the J. Lourdusamy, Bose actually used to do research into the similarity between responses of metallic coherers and muscle tissues, which one transfer into the interconnections between the plant and animal worlds.

Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray : 1861-1944

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He is basically an accomplished chemist, who had basically completed his studies at the University of Edinburgh, Acharya Rayhe is also recognised as one of the most prominent teacher and one hero among 4 heroes.

According to the history Acharya Prafulla Chandra Ray was the visionary Swadeshi entrepreneur he used to work on a grand project it is belonging to the scientific tradition of ancient India.

He has also set up a very successful industrial unit know as Bengal Chemical and Pharmaceutical Works or BCPW. Thus, he has also played a prominent role in industrialisation of Bengal.

Ashutosh Mookerjee : 1864-1924

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He was recognised as a trained mathematician and his brilliance can we go at any field related to mathematics. Among the four other heroes he is also known as one of the famous hero.

Ashutosh Mookerjee also initially worked in mathematics, which was incorporated as part of the curriculum in the University of Cambridge.

Being a successful mathematician, he has faced a loss of discrimination at the hand of the British government.

He was not treated properly on par with other mathematicians from Europe in terms of employment.

Later on he studies law and soon after that he become an accomplished and successful lawyer.

After a few years, he became the Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University where he took help of the locals to establish University College of Science as a part of a primary research institute in India.

Akshay Kumar Datta : 1820-1886

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In 1840, at Tattvabodhini Pathshala Akshay Kumar Datta used to teach Physics and Geography. The last and the famous hero among those four heroes.

He was the only person who has declared that India requires a Bacon, same time, he presented science in highly religious terms also had the entire human community to understand enormous capabilities of the entire universe.

According to the information, when Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar had already established many vernacular institutions.

Datta was the only person who has open a school where all the teachers are given proper training in order to teach all the students in that Vernacular institution opened by Vidyasagar.

Hope this article was enough helpful as we have put all the name of those four heroes who have done a lot for the Bengal in order to encourage ethnic patriotism.

Do not forget to share your opinion regarding this article and latest no who is your favourite hero among the mentioned four heroes.

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