Interested in Alien Movies?? Here are some of the 5 Best Alien Movies that will thrill your mood during this pandemic! Read to Find Out more!!



Popular alien movies are the best ways for a sci-fi geek to watch and relax in a spare time and if we get an alien movie then it’s a bonus on the crate. So as the world is still tightly locked and there only a handful of movies releasing many of us are short on entertainment. As we all are homegroundeed anyway why not take a look at some of the best alien movies ever released? 

Independence Day Resurgence:

Now sure there have been many movies based on alien invasion but why specifically chose this? Well, Independence Day has two volumes and both of the movies have gained much much popularity among fiction lovers. The first volume “Independence Day” was released in 1996 and was a major hit. 

best alien movies

After 10 years in 2016, Independence Day – Resurgence was released and got much greater popularity in itself. The movie features great action that everyone loves in these kinds of movies. The movie is based on the story of when a hostile alien species try to invade earth but is neutralized by humans. After some years the same entity attacks again with much greater force. But this time, humanity is backed up by its advanced tech weaponry and an allied alien individual that leads humanity to victory. 


As much as science has proved that humanity came to existence because of several lucky evolutions taking place, there are sometimes when we still question how such an advanced civilization like ours evolved from unicellular organisms. Now, Prometheus is literally based on this concept where a team of astronauts goes to an expedition on what considered an invitation from the originators of mankind. 

best alien movies

A group of scientists in 2089 discovers a star map that matches with others from ancient cultures. Scientists conclude that the map might be an invitation from human forerunners and thus from getting investment from a CEO of a great company, they start their journey towards the farthest moon LV-223. 

The Predator:

The predator (2018) is a sequel to the predator series released in 1987. Although the series wasn’t much of a hit, the 2018 volume is really worth watching as this time unlike most movies the damage is minimum and only a handful of the people are about to save the planet by defeating the hostile alien. 

best alien movies

Upon starting we find that a spaceship travels through space and crashes on earth in a forest. As a countermeasure, a group of combatants is deployed to analyze the area but they all are eliminated except for one, who gets his hands on alien tech. The hostile alien is then again found in a lab where he suddenly awakes and wreaks havoc. From here on a number of incidents happen and finally, a handful of people are left with the responsibility of neutralizing this threat.


Venom is a marvel comic-based movie released in 2018 and needless to say, it was loved by all making it one of the best alien movies of the current time. This movie has a different timeline from that of avengers so it’s not a part of it, Yet! but even then it’s a worth watching movie. 


The movie features a story where a number of alien organisms are captured from a meteor and are experimented upon. One of the alien organisms breaches the security and makes an adult male his host, i.e he possesses his body. Now after some incidents, the alien “Venom” starts to love the human world and becomes friends with his host. Together they fight off with another alien and save humanity from invasion. 

Men In Black: International :

Everyone would be aware that how popular the Men In Black series are and is known as one of the best alien movies. It is one of the 90s sci-fi alien movies which gained huge popularity from its first step to the box office. Having Chris Hemsworth (popular for the role of Thor in Marvel) as a leading actor and being a series of already popular Men in Black series, the film gained popularity very quickly.

The movie starts as two gents are shown on Eifel tower where a portal opens for an alien species to enter our world. The scene then gets transferred to an average family whose memory gets wiped by the agents tech as they encounter an alien. The daughter saves her memory from getting wiped out and makes her way into MIB headquarters to become an agent and the adventure begins. Now she has to save the world again with her partner Portal opens once again with aliens incoming.


All these movies are unique in their genre and have gained a lot of popularity and in this time of quarantine, these can really become a source of thrilling entertainment. There are a couple of other movies too like Extinction, Godzilla, Alien Covenant, and Battleship which are worthy to watch but aren’t as thrilling as the mentioned ones.