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Sexual education refers to educating children by giving basic information or knowledge about human sexuality. This is a part of educating children which is really a very important thing to do. In the first place it is parent’s job to give the basic sexual knowledge to children, then the responsibility comes up to school. There should always be a space for sex education in school routine. But here in India both of parents and school skip this part in most cases.


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As in India sex is still a taboo, they do not feel free to talk about it openly. But this thing is not only makes children suffer, it impacts on their future too. There is a proper age for them to know about it for their good only. If they are not told by a guardian such as parents or teacher they will try to find these things out in different ways, such as internet or friends. And this can create a huge misconception about sex into their mind.

The way child abusing, harassments are raising in our country now this is much more vital for parents to talk to their children about sex. Kids need to be taught good touch and bad touch which will help them to save themselves in any abusive situation.

Lack of sexual education make children crime prone. They sees sexual needs as a crime or forbidden thing, as nobody clearly talked about it before

Proper knowledge about sex can save them from disease like Aids and HIV or other sexual disease in future.


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• The best time to start it, is when children are young, and the education must be continued as they grows up.
• Answer them according to their age. Do not provide too much information at once.
• If your child does not ask you about sex, start the conversation by yourself. Most of the time kids are either shy or nervous about asking things like this.
• Q honest with your kid. Do not try to hide anything. Most of the time children can sense when you are lying.
• Ask them question to figure out what they want to know.
• It is better to start it at the early age, otherwise when the child reached youth and you try to talk about sex they would not open up to you, as they already know the fact or information.

Here are some tips for you-

1. Answer according to their age

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Explain things the way kids will understand as their mind have not developed completely. Do mot overload information, only answer questions they have asked for. It will fulfil their needs.

2. Good touch and bad touch

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Teach them about their private parts. Tell them to never let anybody touch their private parts, not even any family member.

3. Correct their misconception

If they ask you any questions related to sex, you ask them back that where have they heard about the thing. In this way you can correct if they have any misconception.

4. Honest

Do not tell them fairy tales when they ask about where babies comes from. Be honest and tell them the right thing in a simple or non complicated way.

5. Read

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There are books avail about sex education for both kids and parents. Read them before talking to your child. You can givevone to your kid too, to ignore the embarrassment.

6. Educate them about different sex

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Talk about different genders, their different desires, different reproduction methods. Tell them about different sexual orientation also. Tell them about third gender, which is a part of our society like male and female. Not only a male and a female can be lover, same gender can love each other too.

The best time of sex educating children is when they are experiencing. Talk to them about it when they experience things like this, like- seeing a baby or seeing a different type of family which they ate not habituated of seeing.

Remember, sex education is a continuing process. You have to keep talk about it as they grows up. Sometimes same things needed to be repeated in order to understand properly.