Condoms are exorbitant than TV! Each packet costs around Rs 60,000!

Condoms are exorbitant than TV! Each packet costs around Rs 60,000!

Well, nowadays the maximum number of people use condoms while having sexual intercourse, it not only protect a woman from getting pregnant but also protect both of the person from sexually transmitted diseases. Some people are also available in our surrounding those does not prefer to condoms, whereas some people think this is nothing but disgusting materials created by some extraordinary peoples. But to be honest, it is not a terrible thing to be used, condoms are not only providing you protection but also helping you to give or gain pleasure or satisfaction to your partner and you too.

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But it also has a bad side that sometime it can be leaked or torn, which can result into unwanted pregnancy, as similarly sexually transmitted diseases can also have your body. But we will always prefer to use a condom before having sexual intercourse. Well, these things related to condoms are actually known by the maximum number of people, but have you heard that a piece of condom can be quite expensive? No, we are not talking about a little money like 50 or 100 rupees, actually packet of condom can cost around Rs 60,000.

You might be shocked after hearing it and also think that we are talking about something disgusting or rubbish. But we are going to prove that be a not talking something disgusting your rubbish as because a country is existing that it costs like this huge amount. If you want to know the name of that country and also gained some knowledge regarding it, then try to read on till the end.

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According to the information, we have learnt that some countries are also available were government used to supply condoms are supplied free of cost. Whereas some countries has strictly prohibited abortion, different laws are being input to it. Though from recent news we have learnt that, condoms price in Venezuela has already shaken the entire world. According to the gathered information, this specific countries used to charge approximately near around Rs 60,000 for a packet of condoms.

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Well, we all are shocked to hear that a packet of condoms can cost near around Rs 60,000. In the market there are several kinds of brands are available who are selling expensive condoms, but we are damn sure that none of us has ever heard something like this. The price of condoms in Venezuela increased or reached up to a certain level a person can definitely by a television by joining the entire amount. This news went viral on the late world and also created uproar among the common people. It has been also identified a store in Venezuela is actually selling a packet of condoms for Rs 60,000.

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According to the cadet information, we have learnt that, in Venezuela abortion is strictly prohibited. If any of the person is going to perform this act, then he or she is going to get punishment based upon the law. As of report gathered from UN’s State of World Population 2015, Venezuela is one of the country who has recorded highest number of teenage pregnancy cases. Here, it is one of the leading Latin America countries. And recently in that country the price of condom has reached up to that level.

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Though we cannot get information regarding why the price of condom has reached up to that level. But right now the price of such a material in that country is Viral on the social media. Actually, we cannot understand if the countries having the highest number of teenage pregnancy cases, and also abortion is strictly prohibited, then why the price of condoms has reached up to that price? Right now the entire countrymen of Venezuela white regarding this issue according to the information right now government have taken no steps or initiatives to resolve this issue.

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