Chai Pani Restaurant : Do You Know Why Chai Pani Has Been Voted As One Of The Best Restaurant In Us? Read on to know

Chai Pani Restaurant : Do You Know Why Chai Pani Has Been Voted As One Of The Best Restaurant In Us? Read on to know

If you are living in India, then you must have hard this specific restaurant name Chai Pani restaurant. Chai Pani is the name which actually reveals about tea and water. According to the Indian culture, it is quite disgraceful for the countrymen to go out for a cup of tea, snack items, a little something or a tasty bite. Though in Downtown Asheville, which is now popularly known as Downtown Decatur, going out for a cup of tea or a snack is quite innovative, delicious, fun and affordable Indian cuisine.

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When it comes in terms of food Indian street food is considered to be one of the top rated and top recommended food and Chai Pani restaurant is something which is going to serve different street food and actually enhances crunchy, spicy, sweet, tangy, brightly flavour in every Indian snacks. Obviously is any culture homemade food is considered to be best among everything, in order to maintain such things Chai Pani restaurant is also having some different thalli’s which is going to give you home food vibe. This restaurant is actually located 22 BATTERY PARK AVE, ASHEVILLE, NC 28801. And the owner of this Chai Pani restaurant is Meherwan Irani.

But according to the recent gathered news we have learnt that the US has declared and obviously voted the Indian Chai Pani restaurant as one of the best restaurant. Now you might think, that is why this thing is coming here? What is the reason behind declaring Indian restaurant as one of the best restaurant in US? Why us has chosen this restaurant as the best restaurant?

Well, we will give all your queries answer in a next few moments. If you really want to know why they have chosen this Chai Pani restaurant as the best restaurant, then you have to read till the end, as in this article we will reveal everything related to it.

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Brightly flavoured of nibbles and snacks are actually served by the vendors all over the India at only $8.49. That kind of flavourful food at a cheaper price you can actually get from the restaurant Chai Pani, which is serving cheaper Indian street food in North Carolina. Recently it has gained the name of the best restaurant in America.

According to the information, on Monday at the James Beard Foundation Awards in Chicago, the Asheville eatery was given the name of “America’s most Outstanding Restaurant” and also gave them topping nominees such as Brennan’s in New Orleans. Probably in the year 2009, Chai Pani restaurant has opened its first outlet in downtown Asheville.

After grand opening only over a decade it has expanded its footprint with eight restaurants, which already spread over Atlanta and Charlotte.Similarly its sister one of the famous company Spicewalla, is not only recognised as a hit home kitchens across the India but also it is being used by the maximum number of chefs in US restaurants.

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Now here the question arises: what has made Chai Pani restaurant a global Indian brand? Well, in a country where the capital is denoted as of “food on the go”, it has basically upraised chaat as a kind of worthy snack item and already launched a kind of heavy captivated to a superior statement, beating up the fashion favourites.

According to the news, it has already beaten multicultural cuisines with its assortments, leading the Indian dominance with a specific space. Additionally, in the world of punctilious eating which is mainly dominated by veganism and vegetarianism, in this case Chai Pani restaurant has developed as a perfect reason for changing, where only sustainable eating is not just a kind of dull compromise but also an immoral indulgence.

As we have learnt, that chaat is just an entry point. Its homepage actually reads about, “Some of the quality and best food in any country is recognised as the street food, and similarly Chai Pani features different chaats which includes crunchiness, spiciness, sweetness, tanginess, and brightly flavoured Indian street snacks.

And similarly nothing can be the taste of home cooked fresh meal. Chai Pani is also serving a few Thalis, which actually contains different traditional family meals, that highlight India’s amazing culinary diversity.” This is the only reason it has been chosen and also been featured in one of New York Times’ 50 favourite restaurants.

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Actually, they serve different delicious food having no no-nonsense items which can actually hamper your mood or craze for food. A few food items which has provided the acceptability of crepes in the US, are Bhelpuri, Sev Dahi Puri, Corn Bhel, Green Mango Chaat, Potato Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Kale Pakoras, the uttapam.

Even this restaurant used to serve our good old days salad, which is to serve by providing topping of cumin-lime vinaigrette. Similarly, there are also availability of the Julienned Okra Fries, which is tossed with salt seasoning and served with a lime wedge. This dish has been chosen as one of the signature dish by the maximum number of chefs. And It is also known as chef’s signature dish.

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Apart from that, Chai Pani restaurant also used to serve different non-veg items such as Chicken Pakoras with Kashmiri spices, Keema Pav, Lamb Burgers, the Chicken Tikka Roll and curry bowls. It is quite appreciated by different chefs. As of information, this honour has been awarded to them after 2 years, having been cancelled in 2020 and 2021.

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