Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a viral topic after choosing Water over Coca-Cola… Read on to know!

Cristiano Ronaldo becomes a viral topic after choosing Water over Coca-Cola... Read on to know!

Cristiano Rolando is one of the most famous footballer who has earned a huge Fame in the entire world. The full name of this player is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro. He was born in the 5 February 1985. Basically, by proficient he is a Portuguese professional footballer who is actually playing as a forward for Premier League club Manchester United and captain of the Portugal national team. According to the information, Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be one of the finest footballer and also famous footballer in the world. This footballer is having a huge fan in the living the entire world. According to the information maximum of the fan of Cristiano Ronaldo belongs from India.

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But recently something strange thing has got viral in the net world, we identify that Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen water over Coca-Cola. And this thing has made him viral in the entire net world. At the present circumstances, he is one of the hot topic were people are making different comments regarding it. This is not a current thing which has happened. One of the video with has got viral in the net World was actually a clip video which was made in the last year of June 14. And we have seen that Cristiano Ronaldo has chosen water over 2 Coca-Cola bottles while attending a press conference of the European Championship.

According to the information, Ronaldo’s removing bottle of Coca-Cola has already cost the beverage company billions of their market value. Cristiano Ronaldo, who is considered to be one of the final football player, at 37 years old, was not at all impressed by seeing bottles of Coca-Cola at his press conference table back in the year 2021.

Specifically, in Euro 2016 champions, Portugal team were knocked out by Belgium team of the European championship in the last year. However, this incident has happened much before Portugal’s first game against Hungary and obviously ahead of the class between both of the teams. As of the information, Cristiano Ronaldo attended a press conference. This iconic moment took place and was recorded live by the cameraman.

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Viral Video of Cristiano Ronaldo :

In that video it has been identified that, the Manchester United striker first noticed to remove a couple of Coca-Cola bottles, even after seeing this Cristiano Ronaldo’s coach Fernando Santos was also got astonished that why Portuguese captain has done such a horrible thing. After that it has been noticed that he has picked water instead of Coca-Cola and ask everyone to drink water rather than to have Coca-Cola.

Though after the tournament, team Italy was the one who has won the EURO 2020, as we all know that the defender Leornado Bonucci has humiliated his former Juventus teammate. After achieving victory, Leornado Bonucci seen having beer and Coca-Cola. On this point, Leornado Bonucci said that, “I actually deserve this one, didn’t I?”.

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Basically, after the insult Cristiano Ronaldo has done to the beverage company Coca-Cola, this video has gone viral on the net world. And a particular trend was following his actions. Some athletes standing by the side of Ronaldo and also supporting him for his deeds, while on the flip side some people are also making fun of his deeds.

Well, by this video we have understood that Cristiano Ronaldo was not trying to humiliate the beverage company Coca-Cola. He was just trying to express that in this season or in that event, water must be served as a beverage instead of serving Coca-Cola. As water is the necessity of every individual person, whereas Coca-Cola is a luxury which people used to drink in order to show off or for getting relief only for a momentum of time.

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