“Domestic violence in India”- Reasons and Preventions!!

Domestic violence

Domestic violence in India includes physical and mental abuse. The behavior one puts forcibly towards someone to establish power and control can be called as domestic violence.

Domestic violence in India is caused by intimate partners or spouse. Domestic violence takes place on everyone, the women, the children and also the elderly.


In a country like India where people are fighting for gender equality and justice, domestic violence rates are going up. Mostly, females in India are suffering from domestic violence in a large scale and from a very long time.

According to a sorbet, 27% of Indian women have faced domestic violence. This percentage is of the women who have reported against the abuse. There are innumerable people who do not have the power, resource or the chance of reporting the violence against them.


Why does domestic violence in India take place?

Domestic violence in India takes place for many reasons. We need to understand that the need of domestic violence comes from an individual’s mindset. It occurs when the abuser believes that their abuse is justified.

Domestic violence can be seen as a result of sick mentality, anger issues and mental problems. When a person abuses another just for their satisfaction or what they think is correct, domestic violence takes place. In India, domestic violence takes place in physical form, verbal form, emotional form, sexual abuse, religious abuse and even reproductive abuse.

Domestic violence

Marital rape is also a common phenomenon we can see in India. Females, in a large rate gets beaten, chokes. There are still many remote places in India which practices and believes in superstitions of violence on women. Dowry deaths, “Sati” system which is burning the women alive, bride killing, stoning etc. can be seen.

How can be domestic violence prevented?

One of the most important steps to stop domestic violence is awareness. If people are made aware of the negative impact of domestic violence and how the abuser will be punished, it might stay in the minds of the mass. Educating people is another important thing to look into. Education will help people to differentiate between right and wrong, and even to raise the voice.

We need strict laws on domestic violence in India. Abusers might take a step back after seeing the strictness. Strict punishments might prevent any kind of violence in a great level. Seek police help when you see that you are facing domestic violence.


Help anyone who faces the abuse. Encourage people to stand for themselves and be a stronger person. Come up with solutions or help others to understand how domestic violence harms us and why it is wrong.

Domestic violence is not only a disgusting act but it is also life-risking. Nobody should remain in a toxic and dangerous place where domestic violence is practiced on anybody. Large numbers of people in India are suffering from it; they are revolting too. Raise your voice and help others to do so whenever you see domestic violence taking place. Let us hope in seeing India as a better place.


Raise your voice against domestic violence. It is time to say no to the different types of terrible acts that are taking place around the world and especially in India. Be aware, and educate the people around. Education is an important factor in stopping domestic violence and if we do not take place then better India will not be made. Let us all join our hands and fight against domestic violence, for greater India and greater Indians. Always remember to help others if any of these acts are taking place.

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