Good health is necessary for happiness and success. Those who does not possess good health cannot enjoy the happiness of life . Life appears to be a burden to them. Although we sometimes find weak and ailing people enjoying happiness and doing good work in spite of bad health, such cases are few and exceptional. In the case of most people the bad health means misery and failure.

We can keep ourselves healthy by knowing and carefully observing the rules of health. We must eat good , plain and wholesome food. We must not eat too much or too little.

Health maintenance tips!!

We must eat as much required to satisfy our hunger. Again we should not eat too many dainty dishes which can affect our health badly.

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We must take physical exercise regularly . A ploughman or a coolie who works hard whole day may not need exercise , but people doing mental work needs exercise. Exercise can be done by playing outdoor games, athletic sports, riding , running, walking or swimming.

We must take in as much fresh air as possible. We must not live in rooms where there is not enough sunlight and where we do not get plenty of fresh air to breathe. Many of us ruin our health by living in close , stuffy and bad ventilated rooms and breathing foul air. We must remain outdoors as much possible as we can.

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We must not remain idle so we must work. ”An idle man’s brain is a devil’s workshop”. An idle man cannot enjoy good health and happiness. Work is the spice of life. Honest, regular, interesting work so long as it is not too exhausting , will do much to keep us in health.

Rest is must!!!

We must take proper rest . If we work continuously without taking break then we can fall sick. Proper rest is necessary for the upkeep of our health.

We must have plenty of sleep. Going to bed late and rising early can ruin our health and nerves. ”Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise”. We must have full sleep before we apply ourselves to daily work. Oversleep is as harmful as undersleeping is to our health. We must have sound sleep undisturbed by wake and dreams. Sond sleep means sound health. Only those who are ill will not have sound sleep.

We must avoid bad habits like excess drinking, smoking, taking opium, addiction to drugs, etc which silently ruins our body and mind.

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Illness occur for many reasons and sometimes help to build our immunity system as well. But many times, these illnesses can also turn fatal . Therefore we must treat our body like a holy temple and invest time and energy behind our physical and mental health.

Don’t give up on Food stuffs!!

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that we have to give up on the delicious junk food, rather, it is about understanding how bad it is and finding healthier alternatives for the food to enjoy. A balanced diet will have all those comp0nents like water , protein, carbohydrate, etc. A healthy diet will also help us to have disease free health and life.

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Healthy habits like brushing teeth twice a day and washing hands before every meal will keep us clean and healthy. Taking bath every day , wearing clean clothes, oiling and combing our hair are also important equally.


Lastly , to enjoy good health our life must be free from tension , nervous and mental strain which paralyse the vital parts of our body so much that no amount of nourishment can properly revitalize them. A man suffering from mental strain can hardly be found enjoying radiant health. A healthy body resides in GOD. Every person must maintain good health.