Digital Jewelry : A new fashion era in 21st Century with Digital jewelry

Digital Jewelry

Yes, the time is to wear Digital jewelry. When we hear the word jewelry, various ornaments start to run in our mind. Jewelry is worn for aesthetics, for impression, for trend too. Like, its a trend now to wear heavy long earrings.

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In computer fashion wave, Digital Jewelry appears to be the next sizzling fashion trend in technology world. In some more decades, we will see that our computer, laptop and Mobile phones are replaced with digital jewelry. So, are you excited to know more about digital jewelry? If yes, then your curiosity will end up here reading this article.

Jewelry is a material that marks fashion and enhance the beauty of holder. Digital jewelry trend is a new way of expressing fashion as well as new technology”.

Digital jewelry

What is Digital Jewelry?

A fashion jewelry with embedded intelligence is known as Digital jewelry. This is a small device with a processor that stores data. This appliance is totally wireless and easily wearable that allows the communication efficiently. Digital jewelry helps in some password related problems and security badges. These kind of devices are compatible with human use and requirements. Digital jewelry are light weight substances that are carried easily. In short, they are mini computers or another version of mobile phones. Digital jewelry can be in the form of rings, necklace, earrings ans bracelets.

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Origin of Digital jewelry

IBM- International Business Machines Corporation is a American multinational technology and consulting company with its headquarters in Armonk, New York. Its operations are not only processed in United States, but also in many other countries. Largest of its employees are from India.

IBM works for computers and nanotechnology researches. It is inventor of floppy disk, hard disk drive and many other useful tools. IBM also introduced the world with Digital jewelry. According to IBM researchers, single handset cell phone will break into pieces that a person can wear and connects each piece of digital jewelry via Bluetooth or other network technology.

What are the components of digital jewelry?

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The key components of wireless digital jewelry are as follows :-

  • Microphone – A wireless device which directs the sound to amplifying device.
  • Receiver – An electronic unit that receive the signals.
  • Touch pad – A tactile sensitive device with a surface that can translate the sense of motion.
  • Circuit Board – It connects all the components with connecting tracks together.
  • Antenna – A transducer that converts radio frequency waves inti alternating current.
  • Battery – A power supply electrical device.

All these components make up a digital jewelry. These are form of nanotechnology.

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Applications of Digital jewelry

Digital jewelry are found in the form of hand rings, bracelets, necklace, earrings, smart watch etc. These devices can be worn by both men and women. They are easy to carry and hold. Digital jewelry as per IBM are :-

  • Digital earrings – This jewelry is to be worn in ears. Speakers are embedded in a earrings shaped device to receive phone calls. Bluetooth devices are made in earrings format.
  • Digital necklace – Digital necklace are chain, pendant or chokar like jewelry that is worn on neck. A microphone is embedded in this jewelry through which users can talk easily. Information is passed via Bluetooth in the form of signals. In some cases, it is find that a small camera can also be attached in the digital necklace for capturing images or record a video.
  • Digital Bracelet – It is like a band that is worn over the wrist. It is equipped with Video graphics array (VGA). It displays the screen and have a rechargeable battery embedded in it. The device flashes light and vibrate in case of any call or a notification is received. It also have voice recognition sensor through which it can follow our instructions via speech.
  • Digital Smart Watch – It is a mini cell phone on our wrist. It has a wide display screen which primarily displays time and also function as phone. It has voice recognition technology with power battery.
  • Digital ring – It is round in shape and easy to wear in the finger of a user. It is having a LED that flashes in different colors for specific phone calls.
  • Java ring – It is computerized ring that function according to Java programs. It is easy to wear in the finger. It can be used to log in various devices with password and doors.
  • Blue dot receptor – Java ring is snapped into a reader called blue dot receptor.
  • Intelligent spectacles – This device is like a normal eye glasses. It helps to check mails and web using our eye as a mouse. It has a sensor on its frame.
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Advantages of digital jewelry

  1. These devices are highly durable with long lasting battery power.
  2. Digital jewelry are portable
  3. Device have small sizes that are easy to handle.
  4. Light weight devices.
  5. Holds enormous data.
  6. It provides strong security and are wireless.
Digital jewelry

Limitations of digital jewelry

  1. The rays from device can harm aur health and other body parts.
  2. Secondly, they are very expensive.
  3. Display is small.
  4. Sensors and processor may block function in some exceptional cases.

#At last, concluding the article by saying that, Digital Jewelry are like wearing a computer. The use of wireless devices and digital jewelry are of great demand in today’s world. They make our work easier. So let’s get ready to wear a new fashion trend of Digital jewelry.

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