Dooars! The Hills Are A Thrilling Place Surrounded By Rivers And Forests For 3 days. Read Now

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Dooars! A combination of mountains, rivers, and forests. People who are thirsty for travel do not need a travel address later. The mountains, the sea, the jungle were all pulled out by one. The fun of this unrestrained walk is different. If there is a time limit, it is better to go out with a proper plan. In that case, the joy of travel is fulfilled. And if that’s the case with the 5-day Dooars, where the green tea garden will catch the colorful-painted mountain path. In the forest, there is a creepy silence and a lonely river flowing with it. And above all, the snow queen Kanchenjunga, but the matter is not bad. Here we will discuss the complete 5-day tour guide of Dooars.

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What time of year do you make this trip?

The best time to do this trip is from October to February. The weather is very pleasant at this time. Most of the sanctuaries are closed from 15th June to 15th September.

Dooars in Misty Winter
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Although the word dooars is small to hear, its boundaries are quite large. At the foot of the Himalayas is the Dooars region with nine districts of West Bengal and Assam. Its area is 4,750 sq km. There is beauty hidden in every corner of this wide door. It is not possible to travel in a few days, but it is possible to enjoy the beauty of Dooars by traveling several times in small circuits.


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How to reach Dooars:  

(1st way) The easiest way to reach Lataguri from Kolkata is at New Mall Junction. The Kanchankanya Express leaves Sealdah in Kolkata every day at 8:20 pm and reaches New Mall Junction at 10 am the next day. You can then reach Lataguri by booking a car from outside the station or by taking a bus from Malbazar Government Bus Depot in a 40-45 minute journey.

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(2nd way) You can also come by flight. The nearest airport to Lataguri is Bagdogra. You can reach Lataguri from Bagdogra by prepaid taxi or reserve taxi.

(3rd way) If you can’t catch the train at New Mall Junction, get off at New Jalpaiguri Station. Lots of jeeps and cars are available from the taxi stand outside the NJP station for the purpose of Lataguri.

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The advantage of staying in Lataguri:

Due to its geographical location, Lataguri is very important for visiting other places in Dwars with Garumara. So if you stay here, you can easily rent a car to visit other tourist destinations, as well as enjoy the thrill of the jungle as it is in the middle of the jungle.

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It is also very easy to stay in this area as there are many hotels, homestays, and resorts in this area. However, before leaving, you must book in advance.

Doors Tour Planning and Guide: 

Check-in at the hotel, freshen up, have lunch and go out for local sightseeing. Contact the hotel or resort authorities to get Toto to rent for this.

1st Day Trip: In the late afternoon, the Naora River runs along the hilly shores of Toto. The forest on the opposite side of the river and the hand overlooking the forest along the river are unique. According to the locals, elephants are seen here at night. This scary and exciting trip will be remembered for a long time.

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2nd Day Trip: After breakfast this morning, go out to some famous places in Dooars. Such as murti, jhalong, apple stone, Bindu, samsing tea garden, suntalekhola tea garden, rocky island. You can book a car for this tour by talking to the hotel or resort the day before. Car rental will cost 3000-3500 rupees.

  • Murti- It takes about 45 minutes to get here. murti is a small village surrounded by jungle on the banks of the river Murti. The water of this river flowing through the light algae pebbles is very clear and dynamic. This is an interesting place in Dooars. The whole of Dooars is found in this murti.
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  • Jhalong- Jhalong is a small village on the Jaldhaka River on the Bhutanese border with India. Its distance from murti is about 30 km. In fact, there are steep hills on both sides of the water and the vast Jaldhaka valley between the forests. Hydropower projects have been built along the river below and Bhutan on the other side.

Built-in 1986, this project is the first hydropower project in India. And a little further you will see the village of Jhalong on the edge of the hill. You will see the game of clouds and mountains all day long in this Jhalong.

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  • Apple Stone- On the way from Jhalong to Bindu, in the middle, there is a waterfall at the foot of the hill, the place is called Apple Stone. The name of this place is Apple Stone according to the huge apple shaped stone. There is an Apple restaurant next door. If you can, you can spend some time eating and seeing the amazing view of the mountains and waterfalls.
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  • Bindu- This Bindu is the last village in India and Bhutan, 5 km away from Apple Stone. Jaldhaka flows through the bottom of this village, which is also the border of India and Bhutan. You will not want to leave this beautiful village and return.
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  • Samsing- Samsing is a wonderful place surrounded by tea gardens. This samsing with the murti river at 2500 feet altitude, Bhutan hills in the distance, with tea gardens, and green canvas of orange trees.
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  • Suntalekhola – Suntalekhola is a small hilly village with rivers, springs, and hills about 4 km away from Samsing. If you look at the cottages on the other side of the bridge hanging over the river, it will look as if someone has painted a picture.
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  • Rocky Island- This is Rocky Island on the way from Samsing to Suntalekhola. The last spot of the second day. This rocky island is a mixture of rocky mountain rivers and wild hills. The roar of the river and the scenery will make you forget the fatigue of the day.
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In addition to these spots, there are 5-6 smaller spots that cannot be rotated in one day. It will take more extra and car rental for one more day. If you do not have a problem extending your budget and schedule, you can visit. Keep in mind that there is a turning point at every turn of the road to Dooars. 

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3rd Day Trip: On the third day you can go to Garumara National Park. It takes only 10 minutes from Lataguri. A total of 4 safaris can be done in 2 shifts in the morning and afternoon in Gurumara. You can get a shift permit according to your time. However, if you go on a safari in the first shift in the morning, there is more opportunity to see wild animals.

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However, you have to go half an hour before the specified shift in the morning to collect the permit. You will be very happy and thrilled about this two-hour safari.

There are plenty of Watch Towers, from which you can see wildlife. Although there is no Royal Bengal Tiger in Gurumara now, if you are lucky, you can meet a cheetah. And if you are a bird lover, you need to go to the Watch Tower of Chukchuki Forest to observe different birds.

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If you have time, Lava and Rishop will definitely come back. It takes about 3 hours to go from Lataguri to Lava and another half hour to go to Rishop. If you go here, you will become more beautiful.
On the way back, take the Teesta Torsa Express from Mainaguri station which leaves at Sealdah in the morning. You can also book a taxi from Lataguri and catch a flight from Bagdogra Airport.

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You have to come to Dooars once to see this amazing view of mountains, rivers, and forests.

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