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Generation gaps are a problem we face in every field of our life! Be it in the family, schools, colleges, or even out in the streets: often there are conflicts of ideas between older people and youngsters or adolescents! However, to avoid this “gap” from affecting our personal lives, we must keep a number of things in mind:

We must be logical in dealing with the ‘gap’

A conversation that puts forth a clear logic is best. A debate, with strong and clear views is a fun way to let each person have an opinion. At the same time, it is very important to not assume the debate is a battlefield!

It is of course not presumable that the older generations are wiser or always right, but if both parties are in a space of open conversations, we can even gather knowledge on different perceptions and have a wider perspective. So, in the long run, it even helps our minds grow healthily, have a stronger opinion, and avoid a shallow mind-set.

Understanding each other’s positions:

Considering experiences of the older generations, and not expecting them to understand every part of the younger zeal and newer thoughts is sometimes useless! A quarrel with your mother or a disturbing fight with your father will only lead to the gap being wider. Don’t let the relationships become bitter.

Rather, keep in mind, that each person has a journey of life, with different beliefs that they think is right. Consider each other’s situation, and the time they were raised in with the difficulties they may have faced. Always allow a dialogue, listen to each other, and compromise till the point both generations can carry on without becoming each other’s enemy!

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BE PATIENT!  Family is a sensitive space!

Sometimes it seems impossible to compromise; what your parent or people around say seems absolutely intolerable and regressive . But it is important to deal with the frustration patiently. The new age “millennial kids” are born at a time that is completely wrapped up in technologies, social-media, and a fast life-style.

Often, the generation of the no mobile-phones, no Facebook and Instagram, and no online-food delivery feel isolated. The older generation is bound to feel out-of-place. In such a situation, try to help each other. The mind-set for learning, and the openness to teach someone something that will help them survive the ocean of new technologies, will help bridge the widening gap of generations!

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Try to connect calmly:

In a situation of perpetual distance, the two generations must try to connect. Do not blatantly criticize each other; rather, analyse each other’s positions, and why and how you have the mentality that you hold.

Healthy conversations about topics that were previously considered taboo, or were silenced- like sexuality, women’s freedom, patriarchy, rape-culture, etc., must be addressed, within families and outside. A thinking-pattern that is open to new ideas, and has a strong liking to opinions that help in the betterment of society must be the aim of all generations.

Don’t let HATE come in between!

Acceptance of the difference is key. But remember, once you block the space for communication, mis-understandings keep rising. As a result, there is hate and violence for each other. Older people are sensitive to the ‘carefree’ attitude of young generations, and often end up getting hurt.

At the same time, younger people, read and learned in more modern concepts of life, are much more radical and restless- they too, end up reacting in an improper way in fights, insulting either the older person, or being insulted themselves.

So, keeping in mind the need for acceptance of change, generation-gap must be addressed rather than avoided, in a proper manner. Unless there is a healthy flow of idea and dialogue, the rift will only get wider. Be patient, and expect from each other, a reasonable amount of tolerance, smile and always try to communicate!

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