Pubg Mobile Game Ban: Reasons leading to the 1st ever Pubg ban in India!!


Pubg (Players Unknown’s Battle Ground) is an online mobile game developed originally by a Korean video game company known as Bluehole. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows but later developed to be accessed online through mobile phones.

It has been a maddening sensation among the young generation all over the world and we have seen our country being greatly immersed in the game as well. The app has a million of users on an everyday basis.

After the recent attack of China on the borders of India by the May of this year, even though every other trade between the two countries continues without the slightest of interruption, the government took an abrupt decision to ban 59 chinese mobile apps including popular social media like TikTok and certain other apps like CamScanner. However, Pubg, the widely and insanely popular mobile game amidst the youth of the country, was also a concerning matter that raised innumerable question of  will pubg be banned or not. But during that time, we saw Pubg survive this wrath.

Reasons of the Pubg Ban in India :

The roots and origin of Pubg app lies in Korea as it was developed by a Korean game-maker. Nevertheless, the mobile version of this app was developed by a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate holding company, Tencent. Yet weeks later the first wave of chinese apps ban, it comes down to the Pubg app in India. Hence, September 2nd was the Pubg ban date, along with 118 other applications.

Right after the Pubg ban in India, the Pubg ban news made it to the top of media and turned into one of the most discussed topics, such is the effect of Pubg on India.

Apart from that, the ministry added to the Pubg apps ban justification that these applications are highly suspected by IT for misuse and data mining by illegal and unauthorized grounds in Android and iOS platforms. The Ministry claims that these apps are a horrific threat to the security and defence of the country on a collective national basis as well as on individual basis. Therefore, this step of Pubg ban in India is taken in the hope to safeguard the cyberspace of the internet users of the country and ensure safety, security and sovereignty of individual’s personal data-based informations and thus this falls under Provisional ban.

Effect of Pubg Ban in India :

Pubg had an extremely huge base in India and being banned, it indeed lost a huge amount of it’s user base.

One of the major setback of Pubg ban will be the money people spent on the game in order to purchase various commodities within the game such as Royal Pass. No statement has yet been received from the end of Pubg Mobile. Players can either wait for an official statement to be given out or unitedly raise a dispute claiming their money back.

It is rather saddening the effect Pubg ban had on the people who used to stream the game online on Youtube and had created a huge audience base with definite and consistent effort. It was a great source of income for them and even the only source of income for many. To see someone’s hardwork of days being crumbled down in a day is rather tragic.

It’s true it created an outrage amidst the youth of the country devoted to the game either for the sake of entertainment or for those who turned it into profession.

However, it can be concluded by stating that we can only hope for the best in the situation and to reflect on the brighter side, we can be assured of our personal mobile datas being secured and to achieve the kind of impact the government is aiming to have on China.

What began as a simple game has now transformed into an addiction. It is seriously affecting the life of the players and furthermore bringing about different wrongdoings. For example, a kid committed suicide because of PUBG phone game addiction. 

The game meddles incredibly with the mindset of an individual. 

It is so in light of the fact that this PUBG phone game addiction hinders their cerebrum movement. Their capacity to get a handle on things and concentration simply comes down. Indeed, even research recommends that the moral ability of PUBG players is dropping enormously. 

Additionally, individuals who are working are equally addicted on this game. It hampers their work and causes them to lose the sight of their objectives. They are occupied with playing PUBG as opposed to working in on their vocations. Considerably more, than the players take leaves or skip gatherings just to play this game unendingly. Because of this addiction, they also miss their deadlines and don’t meet their obligations. 


Moreover, PUBG phone game addiction ruins the connectivity ability of individuals. It has caused disconnect among people.

 Thus, though the game is still accessible through a desktop device, banning PUBG as a mobile game can prove advantageous to some extent for the betterment of the mental and physical health of our youth.

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