Having a chest pain? Can be a symptom of heart attack! Learn about the six symptoms of it

Having a chest pain? Can be a symptom of heart attack! Learn about the six symptoms of it

Nowadays, everyone from young to old has heart problems, specifically the chest pain.

However, people over the age of 50 are more likely to have a heart attack.

Often we hear and see a healthy, powerful man walking down the street suddenly dying of a heart attack.

Such a sudden cardiac arrest is called a ‘movie heart attack’.

Usually before a heart attack, our body signals something or says something.

But we continue to ignore it, and we lose our lives because of our own guilt.

But today, to be careful, I will let you know the details of what a heart attack is and how to cure it.

The first thing we will know is what is a heart attack?

The coronary artery, or coronary artery, is then the upper part of the heart, with the help of which the heart receives nutrition and oxygen.

When fat builds up in the coronary arteries and blood clots, the blood flow to the arteries stops.

That the same time, the part of the heart that receives nutrients and oxygen through these blood vessels undergoes various changes in the muscles, which we call a heart attack.

Heart attacks are always sudden.

However, if the disease is treated at the right time, the patient can recover as well as recover from the disease.

Heart attacks consume people for various reasons based on the human body.

Among which high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, stress etc. are the highest and major causes.

Also, in many people, if the level of cholesterol in the blood is high, the coronary arteries become blocked, and the place closes, which leads to heart attack.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

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1. Chest pain :

In most cases, the first sign of a heart attack is acute chest pain.

At first there is a feeling of pressure in the middle of the chest, which occasionally decreases and increases.

This intense pain can last from a few minutes to several hours.

Never again can it be reduced for a short time.

2. Pain in the jaw, neck, elbows and back :

Most times, heart attacks can cause discomfort in certain parts of the body, such as arms, back, neck, jaw or stomach.

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3. Shortness of breath :

Acute chest pain often causes discomfort in breathing and shortness of breath. But this symptom may not always be seen.

4. Fatigue :

Every human being has some kind of action or business in his life.

That’s why stress, weakness, fatigue or mild headaches are very common.

However, before a heart attack, there is a feeling of extreme fatigue.

This is because the heart muscle lacks oxygen, which disrupts the blood supply to other parts of the body.

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5. Cold sweats and nausea :

Symptoms such as excessive sweating and chills, nausea or mild headaches may also occur.

6. Sleep Disorders :

Sleep disturbances are often caused by shortness of breath.

This results in suffocation, which extra pressures the heart muscle.

Diseases like sleep apnea can occur before a heart attack.

Different symptoms can occur in men and women. But in both cases, chest pain is one of the common symptoms.

However, women are more likely than men to have shortness of breath, nausea, and other symptoms such as back or jaw pain.

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What to do to prevent heart attack :

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Heart disease is preventable and a person can become completely healthy.

All you need is some proper treatment and some rules to follow.

Everyone has stress in their life but it is better to avoid it. In addition, in the busy work life, you need to find some time for peace of mind.

You need to do some physical exercise regularly and avoid fatty foods.

Quit smoking completely, for which the risk of heart disease will be completely halved.

Control your blood pressure every day and do regular monitoring.

It is very important for diabetics to control their blood glucose.

Practice walking for at least 45 minutes every day.

Reduce the amount of calories in your daily diet and add more vegetables and raw fruits.

This is some extremely useful information that will help you gain longevity and alertness. Be careful stay healthy.

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