How can you protect yourself from Sunburn? Learn what Shahnaz Husain speaks about it!

How can you protect yourself from Sunburn? Learn what Shahnaz Husain speaks about it!

No matter what exactly you are doing or wearing, you are going to get sunburn. Even if you are going to wear full sleeves dress, then also chances are much higher to get sunburn. Especially for women who loves to wear different designer outfit cannot wear them so because they are quite scared of getting sunburn which can actually damage their entire look. Well, we all know this is the month of June, and in this month of the year, the sun and heat play havoc with our skin.

According to the weather reports, temperatures are soaring to 40 degree C and ever in many parts of India. In this time we are completely confused regarding what should we do and what not do . So in order to help you guys we have talked with Shahnaz Husain, she is going to provide you a complete guide by following which you can easily get rid of Sun burns and also protect your skin from getting contact with it.

According to Shahnaz Husain, sunburn is a quite common problem which can arise at the time of Summer. To be honest, it is much more problematic to get rid of this than to prevent it. Before you are going out in the sun, make sure you are reducing your exposure to the sun or cover your skin properly.

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If you are facing any rashes any other skin irritation, the best thing you could do is visit a skin specialist. Sunburns can actually redden your the skin, which might be followed by blisters. If they are not treated in the proper time, this might penetrate deep into the skin and cause infection. You can use colognes by splashing them in your skin even you can add it into your bath water. It is going to give you a cooling sensation and heal it from the depth of the skin.

Try of applying sunscreen 20 minutes before you are going out of your house. This is going to create a protective barrier between the skin and harmful UV rays. If you are having oily skin, then you can use oil-free sunscreen. Even Anti-tan sunscreen is also available which can protect skin from sunburn. You need to we apply sunscreen after swimming, heavy perspiration or sun exposure for long durations.

Even if you are learned or spending time in the sea or snow, you need to apply sunscreen there as well. Normally an average person can use sunscreen of SPF of 20 to 25, besides if you are having sensitive skin prone to dark patches or severe burns, then you should definitely use SPF of 40 or and above to protect your skin.

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Children are required to be paid more attention specially those used to play in the outdoor for a long time. For infants, they should not be exposed in sunlight for a long time. You can use rose water in your bath water, which can actually help your body to protect and also gives you cooling and fragrance effect. Here few home remedies are being suggested which can be used instead of any other items in order to protect your skin from sunburn.

Home remedies for sunburn :

1. Aloevera :

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Apply aloevera gel in the affected area. Allow it to remain there for a few minutes and you will notice your skin is healing faster. According to the scientific knowledge, aloe vera has a natural ingredient which helps in soothing burnt areas and heals the skin and helps it to recover faster. It contains zinc, which is an anti-inflammatory product.

2. Cucumber Slices :

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To heal the sunburns you can put slices of cucumber on the affected area or with the help of cotton ball you can dab cucumber juice. Even you can grate some chilled cucumber and apply it directly on the affected area to get rid of inflammation.

3. Watermelon Juice :

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You can also use watermelon juice in order to get rid of sunburns. It is considered to be one of the good and best skin toner that helps in relieving summer dryness. Even it refreshes, softens and cools the skin.

4. Coconut Water :

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Coconut water can be used in order to get rid of such issues. It helps in shooting skin in summer. Coconut water helps in removing tan and brighten the skin. Apply it on your skin and leave it for the next 20-30 minutes and after that, wash it off using normal water. You will notice the difference instantly.

5. Cooling Mask :

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To make a cooling mask, you need to take a bowl and add two of the key ingredients: Cucumber juice (or pulp) with two teaspoons of powdered milk and one egg white. Even you can put ingredients into a blender and blend it into a thick paste. Apply it all the affected area and leave it to dry for half an hour, then rinse it of using normal water. If you are having oily skin, then you can use omit milk powder. It will not only soothe your skin, it will also soften the skin, and helps in brightening skin colour.

Hope this was enough helpful as we have provided information regarding sunburn. Try to protect your skin in this summer season and lead a healthy life.

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