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How can you add YouTube story on channel? Let’s know the update growing tips for you YouTube channel in 2021…

Youtube story

Hey guys what’s up! Hope you all good! So here I am again with you another social media related topic and that is Youtube story and growing tips.


So guys I have already told you about how to earn money from youtube and how to add adsense on youtube. So now I will tell you about some tips to grow your youtube channel and how can you add story on your channela also.

Look guys in this era people are so attached to social media by many ways. Youtube is one of the most downloaded and using and earning platform in internet according to the netiganes.

Youtube has come to the level of top 10 earning way and keep it’s ranking on #1 since 2019.

So guys let’s go the first topic to discuss and that is the story section of youtube channel.



Youtube story is one of the best way to reach your audience most of time in short of time and in such a great topic.

Youtube story is the new feature of YouTube app so that’s why it is showing to the app very mostly and people are enjoying this as much. They review for it also.

So guys now hope you want to know that how can you add story on your YouTube channel?

Don’t worry I am telling you about it.
So the eligibility on youtube to add YouTube story section is that you have to cross or achieve the 10k subscribers on your YouTube channel.

After achieving 10k subscribers you will get the email from youtube itself amd you will get the option of to add story on your channel.

By story adding you can give a short introduction of your channel updates and your content updated and also can communicate with your audience in a such way. People can like and comment on your story also and the best thing is that story keeps on youtube for 7 days.

So guys so that was all about the story section of YouTube.

Now let’s discuss about some tips of growing YouTube channel in 2021.


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YouTube shorts is the new feature of YouTube like YouTube story we all know. Just like story we can reach to our audience more and more by using this new feature.

The great thing is that to add YouTube shorts you don’t need to achieve any subscribers level or anything. You can add it and share.

You can add the short teaser of your content also on your shorts. That people can be attracted by them.

Also you can create some short content that will related to your channel and people will love to watch. Your watch time will grow by this method.

It is similar like your YouTube content videos but the basic difference is that shorts videos will appear on the feed of your subscribers and non-subscribers also.

Its the new feature so just like story section this is the most viewd feature on YouTube since it is happened.

So guys add shorts videos on your channel and keep the communication with your audience.


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Just lke youtube story and shorts you should available on you COMMUNITY feature on YouTube.

Create poll, post pictures, links will help you to keep communication with your audience.


Look guys consistency is the most important to run a youtube channel. If you think once you get your 1k subscribers and then you will be the pro youtubers then you are wrong!

You have to keep your consistency on your channel and should be regular on it.

So guys youtube is the very good platform to express yourself, your talent and also as your profession.
So just keep in mind that do focus on your work and keep updating about you and your channel to your people, to your audience.

Hope you guys like it and will see you soon. Thank you..