How to earn money by Affiliate marketing? Let’s read to end your search here in 2021…

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another earning related topic. This time it is some different kind of thing on online platforms and it’s one of the biggest trending work.

we all know in this 2021 the second wave covid-19 has came and again the pandemic situation is started.

Many people are seeking for growing their financial condition. So many people lost their jobs or they are looking for more than one job to earn more.

A huge number of people including student, house wife, and more who are looking a extra part time job in this lockdown.

so guys now a days online easy earning is so very much popular and people are seeking for this.

Online earning is on various platforms and so many sources are there to earn. However there are lot of people who have no experience, no qualifications but still they are earing lot of money through online.

There are some site and company who advertise for their business or website that no need of work! Just earn!
No guys! This can’t be happened. Be aware of this. They are totally fake. Without working you won’t be paid for anything. You can’t be paid for just scrolling down and sitting on you chair and just moving there! So just set on your mind that no working no money!

But today I will tell you about one kind of respectful and trusted work on online marketing in 2021.

Through social media many people are working as Affiliate marketing and earn more than thousand rupees per post.

Guy’s I hope you are excited to know about Affiliate marketing now. So let’s start…


Affiliate marketing

Okay so in easy words, Affiliate marketing is basically to sell products of any company.

The owner or the authorities of a company hire some social media influencer or a person who has eligibility to sell their products to people through any ways and for this, company gives commission or money to the third person.

In simple words, Affiliate marketing is the middle stands between company and buyers.

Affiliate marketer helps to resell the company’s products to the people and earn a handsome price by this.


affilate marketing1

The main thing is affiliate marketing is that, at first you have to register yourself on any company’s website or if they don’t have website you have to contact them through their mentioned ways.

After that you need some basic idea, knowledge and eligibility about product selling.

After hiring, you have to do many work to sell products but one most important thing is that, you have to reach people as many as you can.

You should have the basic communication skills because if you don’t know how to talk people or how to be behaved with the customers then you can’t be an affiliate marketer.

So you have to learn how to talk people at first.


Earning Passive Income

Look guy’s if you are working in affiliate marketing then at first know about the company’s all details.

Then product you are selling, research about them and try to use them also.

Tell people both good and bad side about the product.

Make videos about your own experience to use this product.

Try to activate as much as possible on social media and stay connect with people.

Make some exited thing about the product, click pictures and writer articles, make short videos and etc.


Some verified and trusted organizations are



Mama earth





Modi care

And many more…

So if you think you are eligible for this work and want to have a experience on this field then what are you waiting for?

So guy’s I hope you understand and like this article about Affiliate marketing.
Hope you like it. See you again, Thank you!.