Do you know how to earn money from Telegram channel? Let’s read to know the brief update as answer on 2021…

Telegram channel

Telegram Channel ! Hey guys what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am again with another article about online earning and this time the platform is none other than, Telegram.

Yes you hear right. Telegram, the application which millions of people use for chats, calls, voice, video calls, group fun.

But if you are using this application only for chats, calls and fun in 2021, then you are really far away from upgrading.

By using Telegram, more than millions people are earning more than thousands rupees per week. I know you are curious to know. Don’t worry i will tell you everything in detail.

Look guys after tge covid-19 pandemic situation in 2020, most of us are looking for more resource to earn money. Online earning is increasing day by day. Many platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many more including Telegram.

We humans are very talented and by our creativity or talent we can earn money online.

Yes, online earning through a social media platform takes time, it will not so easy but once it start, it will never stop. You just need to work hard daily and keep believing in yourself. If you have talent and you really work hard and people are willing to see your work, then definitely you can beat the achievements very soon.

See, guys now lets go to our main point of topic, that how to earn money from telegram.



Okay guys, this is similar like creating a Facebook page, a YouTube channel. The works are different but just like you can earn revenue without creating Facebook page or YouTube channel, here you also need to create a Telegram channel.

So let’s know how to create it.

At first you have to install the application in your device. Then you need you create you account by using your phone number, just like Whatsapp messenger.

Then go to the menu bar and you can see the option “Create new channel”. Click on it and then write a proper name of your channel, add description and a profile image. Then you will get a option of that you want to show your channel publicly or want to keep it private.

I am telling you the difference.


Look guys, the basic and main difference of public and private channel is that public channel will be shown to everyone who are using the application. When they will search the name of your channel, they can find it and join.

But private channel is that when you are creating the channel you will also get an option to create a link of your own channel. So this basic thing about private channel is whom you will give the link, only they can join your channel. That means those who will get the link of your channel, can join your channel.


Many of us, create Telegram channel but can’t use it properly. Don’t know how to gain more and more traffic in it. They think what to do in this channel.

I can give you some examples.

● You can give any educational and motivational, or other informational ideas through by this channel that people interact with you more.

● You can share your own blog in it and people like to read.

● Share movies, web series link and people will love to visit your channel.

● Share something entertaining that people love to see.

● share your own YouTube videos or any videos that people would love to watch.

● Share new ideas, topics that people are looking for.

So hope you understand! Interacting with more people, will give you more benefits.

Now let’s go to the main part of the article that income source from it.


So guys at first I should clear you one thing that Telegram doesn’t give any revenue like YouTube and Facebook. There are some business ideas and techniques that you can earn from it.


Guys hope you know this word affiliate marketing. This is the best process o earning from social media as well as tele also. You can give the advertisement and refer people someone’s products and charges money from them.


Create more channels, add maximum range of traffic in it. And sell you channel to other creators. You can charge a huge number of money from them.


Once your channel start to increase then you can collaborate with other channels. You can give adds of them in you channel and take money from them.

And many more resources have. I will discuss them in another article. So hope you like it. Thank you…