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Nearly 3,000 Doctors resign in Madhya Pradesh refusing to work under inhumanly conditions.

Doctors Strike
Doctors Strike

Circumstances so harsh that it forces 3,000 Doctors to go on a strike amidst a deadly pandemic. 


There is no doubt that even though unsung, the true heroes of the world are medical staff, the proof of which only got more heightened after the pandemic broke out last year. While in our country India, the government has been of inadequate help throughout, doctors and medical staff worked day and night to help the nation survive even when projected to violence and inhumanly working conditions. 

In Madhya Pradesh, 3,000 junior doctors went into strike, demanding free treatment for them and their family members in case they contract the deadly coronavirus; for beds to be reserved for them in separate areas if the circumstances arise, and they demand a hike in stipend.

They firstly went on strike on May 6 of this year and were assured later by the state government that their demands would be met, having them resume work within 24 hours. When that didn’t happen, they were forced to protest through strike once again!


Government’s refusal to help Doctors

It’s high time the authorities of our nation take into account the deadly pandemic that is going on in the country and do a lot more to help the citizens and the true heroes, the medical staff, to fight through the outrage. 

Unfazed by the Madhya Pradesh court observation within which the court asked the placing junior doctors to come to figure among twenty four hours, the Junior Doctors Association declared to continue the strike and handed  as a group resignations to their various medical schools on weekday.

Nearly 3,000 junior doctors in Madhya Pradesh since Mon stricken work, exclusion Covid-19 duties, to press for his or her demands, together with free treatment for them and their families if they contract the Covid-19 infection. The association has around three thousand junior doctors in six government medical schools of the State.

On weekday, the court whereas hearing a petition known as the strike in Covid-19 times unconstitutional and asked the JDA members to come to figure among subsequent twenty four hours.

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The physicians’ role is additional necessary in Covid-19 times and placing work isn’t correct in such a vital time, the HC had determined whereas hearing a unfinished petition. The authorities had told the HC that the majority of their demands were set still the association wasn’t retreating the strike.

The doctors aforesaid that they’re going to move the Supreme Court against the HC call and medical academics will be a part of their stir shortly. The JDA State head Dr Arvind Meena claimed that they’re desirous to finish the strike however the govt. hasn’t contacted them for a dialogue within the last four days. He alleged that administration was resorting to bullying junior doctors with harsh measures.

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The association is exigent a regular payment hike, reservation of beds for JDA members and their kin for the Covid-19 treatment, incentives for the Covid-19 duty so on.

Recently the JDA had withdrawn their strike decision when assurance from the Medical Education Minister Vishwas Sarang.

BJP State Secretary Rajneesh Agrawal claimed that the govt. has thought of most of their demands from the JDA and claimed that doctors weren’t adhering to moral duties within the pandemic by being adamant on strike decision. 

While the authorities secure twenty four days past that our demands would be met, nothing has rapt since, Mr Meena claimed and demanded that the govt. unharness a written order fulfilling their demands.

Madhya Pradesh Junior Doctors’ Association president Arvind Meena told press association PTI that their members were abstaining from work on the Out Patient Departments (OPDs), the In-Patient Departments (IPDs) and different wards of varied health care facilities.

“If the written orders (complying with the demands) aren’t discharged by this night, then we might be compelled to withdraw from COVID-19 duties across the state from June one,” he said.

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