Bus/Train Journeys vs Self-Ride


The idea of urban journeys accessibility has historically been synonymous with larger and smaller amounts of transportation; but, from the viewpoint of urban mobility, this is seen as a reductionist view of the concept.

This occurs because mobility encompasses more than just getting from one place to another; it also encompasses the various encounters and repercussions that commuters and non-commuters face.

As a result, urban accessibility entails not only gaining access to transportation, but also gaining access to the localization and delivery of certain primary activities.

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Bus/Train Journeys

Cities must now provide their residents with the best possible mobility, so they build modern facilities for bicycles, buses, tramways, subways, and other modes of transportation.

Improving community accessibility can result in more effective public transit, which leads to increased use of public transportation by residents, which can result in a number of benefits for the city as a whole.

It is less stressful to travel by bus or train. Rather than sitting in traffic, you can use the time spent travelling by bus to do other things, such as reading, working on a project, napping, listening to music, making important phone calls, and so on. Taking the bus is less expensive than buying and maintaining a vehicle.

It also helps to minimise emissions and traffic congestion because the more people who use the bus, the less vehicles there are on the road. Due to the experience that bus drivers must have and the road rules that they must follow, it is one of the safest modes of transportation.

 The use of buses, which decreases the number of private cars on our city streets, also reduces acoustic pollution. During your travels, you can also meet new people.

These and other benefits can be obtained by enhancing our countries’ urban accessibility. However, this is a circular process: the more people who use public transit, the higher the urban accessibility will be due to citizen demand, and the better the urban accessibility is, the greater the number of users of these infrastructures will be.

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 Self-riding, on the other hand, provides a certain level of freedom as well as a number of other benefits, beginning with privacy. When you choose to self-drive, you can expect complete privacy in the vehicle. No one would be able to overhear your conversations or listen to your songs. While driving, you can spend quality time with your travelling companions.

Many people have always been concerned with hygiene, and it has become mandatory for all to maintain social distance since the outbreak of Covid-19. As a result, if you ride in a self-driven car, you can rest assured that you are maintaining a high degree of hygiene.

The most important aspect is the freedom, because when we go for a long trip, we always feel the need to pause for a few quick breaks, but asking a bus/train driver to stop every hour can be a little inconvenient. When you drive your own car, however, you are not exposed to such risks. You have the choice of making multiple stops. You will have complete influence over the trip’s length.

 When you have your own car, you can have any kind of fun you like with your friends or family. You can make pit stops at different attractions along the way to your destination. You won’t have to worry about wasting time or whether you’ll arrive on time, as well as the comfort of other passengers.

When you choose a self-ride, you can go anywhere you want. You will have full autonomy and will not be held accountable to anyone. You can also improvise or take an impromptu ride to any location you like on the spur of the moment.

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