The importance of ‘moving on’ in life: 4 effective ways to keep you strong and going!


The importance of ‘moving on’ would mean the capacity to accept your past, and if there is something that is harmful for you in any way, to let its burden go. Many of us struggle to let go of relationships, be it love or friendship, or even go through immense problems dealing with death of close ones, like our pets.

In order to to greater things in life and know how to think freely, you cannot be held by the shackles of your past. It is extremely difficult to just forget things, but there are ways you could send the message to your mind to finally move on. Most of the times, it make you a stronger person, and changes your heart for the better!

Here are a few ways to help you cope with ‘moving on.’

The importance of acceptance

We often see people having a turbulent time just accepting a break-up. Especially in romantic relationships, sometimes people stop believing that it is over, because they do not want it to be over. However, it is important to respect the decision of any one member of the relationship, even if if means the end of the relationship.

People often have problems accepting death of loved ones, which leads to psychological problems later on. We must look at our lives as a larger journey that WILL consist of loss, death, heart-breaks, financial crisis, apart from all fun and joy. So, take everything as a part of your journey.

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Death and Dying

Some ways to acceptance of loss is to:

  • Take time to mourn. There is no use hiding your grief. Speak about what you feel, if that makes you feel better, or write in your diary.
  • Think of the good impacts of your relationship, and what the person has taught you. Try to focus on the positive effects, while understanding that it was a part of a larger journey, and it must come to an end.

Importance of rationality

The importance of being rational about loss is enormous. Ask yourself why this has happened. Once you come up with the answer, which you definitely will know somewhere deep within you, it will become easier to start your journey of moving on. So, try to grieve without denial, and be ready with a clarity in your perspective in case you fear a relapse or a strike of sudden sadness.

Instead of deceiving yourself with silly, dismissive statements like “I don’t care”, you must face the reality, the real feelings, and the fact it is going to take some time for you to be better. At such a critical point, it is best for you to not take to fantasy and unreal dreams, and accept things realistically.

Think of the good things as they are. Remember the harm the relationship and the post-break up stress, and utilize the energy to help you move on.

The importance of finding yourself

Some break ups happen because relationships become an infringement of personal spaces. Longer relationships, when not healthy, seem to take up your entire personal being, with days of ‘compromises’ and ‘negotiations’ which often are one-sided and ‘toxic’.

The Healthy

Once you decide to move on, find the things that were completely your choice, your taste, and YOUR identity. It could be music, books, travel- anything. Do what you love! Keeping yourself busy and distracted is most effective when you are doing things you love.

Don’t be afraid of your feelings

As already mentioned, the importance of moving on is in the process. It is a process that cannot be one of denial. This also means that you cannot be afraid of missing someone, in order to move on. It is natural to remember and miss people. In case of breakups, in love or between friends, reach out, and tell them what you feel.

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Remember, this does not necessarily mean that you want to go back to square one. So, embrace what you feel, express it, and beware of causing harm to yourself or to others. Remember, also, to respect decisions, and taking ‘letting go’ and ‘moving on’ as an important part of a larger and more vast experience called life.

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