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Planning To Travel Abroad?? Here are 6 Things to avoid doing in Foreign Countries that can make you seem a fool!! Read More to find out!



Many of us are planning for a foreign trip and it sure is an amazing way to know about the different cultures. While knowing their cultures we also reflect our own cultures and while doing so, it is not really a good thing if we look dumb. So hold your gears, as we are now going to discuss Things to avoid doing in foreign countries. Don’t worry eating food is not one of them so the foodies can relax and enjoy top food challenges across the world.

Things to Avoid in Greece: Wearing High Heels

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Greece is a country famous for its preserved historical monuments and artifacts. To preserve the monuments through time the government takes serious measures to avoid any unnecessary damages. Due to this sole reason, wearing high heels in Greece is close to banned and if you’re found wearing those especially in monuments, then you should for ready for some unlikely incident.

Things to Avoid in Japan: Don’t Tip in Restaurants

In most parts of the world, it is really an important gesture to tip in restaurants after your meal, but not in Japan. Unlike other countries tipping in Japan is not really a good gesture and one must avoid doing it no matter how excellent the service you get. People in Japan consider this gesture to be typical and you may not hurt or offense anything but it’s better to not raise a flag.

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Apart from tipping, one thing you must never do is pointing at someone. This gesture in Japan is considered rude as pointing is usually directed towards objects, not people, thus doing so might get you to look bad.

Using Hand gestures in Turkey


Most of the time hand gestures are a good way to communicate between language barriers but just like other languages, these can be also mistranslated. Using hand gestures like “okay” is clearly not a good idea in Turkey as it implies that you are thinking the other person is homosexual. Because of this, it is very important to carefully use hand gestures and if not necessary, one must avoid doing it.

Things to avoid in Caribbean: Wearing Camouflage Clothes

On our next list of weird things, one must avoid doing in foreign countries, we have the Caribbean islands. Here you are prohibited from wearing camouflage clothes and that too by the law. This may look weird as they are controlling what you’re wearing but hey don’t get them wrong.


Camouflage is literally what their police force wears, so unless you want to get punished for impersonating the police avoiding it is a good option.

Things to avoid in China : Don’t Clean Eat Plate

In India, we are taught to finish our plate to avoid food wastage but not in china. In China no matter how tasty your food was, it’s really important that you avoid finishing clean your plate in restaurants. This activity is considered rude as it indicates to people that you were not fed adequately enough by the host.

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Although this may not get you into trouble, it may affect your reputation among them that noone would lke to have.

Things to avoid in Russia: Giving Even Number of Flowers

Here is another unique habit in our list of “Things You must avoid doing in a foreign country” In Russia, you should avoid gifting even numbers of flowers as a sign of generosity or gift. Even if you buy a flower bouquet, make sure that the total flowers are in odd number, why is that? In Russian culture, even numbers of flowers are only given during funerals, and yellow flowers are generally associated with mourning.

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So when in Russia, make sure to avoid both so that you can properly show your generousity without offending anyone or making a fool of yourself.


Some of the rules may look quite odd to you but every country has its own particular beliefs that everyone should respect. Mostly if you are a traveler then you must know these things to avoid in some foreign countries so that you can enjoy and blend with the people wherever you go without mistakenly offending them.