Meditation: 4 reasons it can be an amazing cure for your stress immediately!


Meditation, something amazing for your inner soul and eternal peace. Check out the article below to know more about meditation and it’s importance.

What is meditation?

It is an important technique of calmness and focus. It has a tradition of using “mindfulness” to reach a spiritual trance-like effect!

It was used by the shamans of early hunter-gatherers, mentioned in the Vedic texts, and even passed down by Buddha.

It is a process where an individual becomes aware of their presence, can communicate with their emotions, and connect to the world around them with a sense of knowledge and focus.


How does it affect our brain?

Practicing meditation for long results in physiological and logical changes. Studies showed that practicing meditation in daily life lessens the stress and anxiety.

According to neuroscience research, meditation bring positive changes in the cortex of our brain. It dampen the activities in two parts of brain. Amygdala and prefrontal cortex are those two parts. These two parts help in reducing stress and recover from it at its best.

We all know that meditating calms our minds down, and reduces stress. More importantly, it helps us change our unfocused minds into a one that can focus.

Removing all the passing thoughts that seem to increase our troubles, meditating can help us focus on broader aspects of life. These aspects that need proper thought and attention can help reach important life solutions when paid attention to!

The technique of meditation: for your busy day!

In contrast to the Zen meditation, or the spiritual teachers who meditate for days at a stretch, our busy lives may need even a 10-minute meditation a day!

All you need is a quiet place, when you can let go of your thoughts! Then just follow three steps:

  1. Play some calming, meditation music, preferably with earphones
  2. Free your mind from all your thoughts
  3. Focus on your breathing! This will require deep breaths, inhaling to expand your belly, and exhaling to empty it.

However, this technique needs practice. For a busy mind, in our generation, it cannot be easy to just let our thoughts pass. So, remember to try and practice it as much as possible!


How does it control your anxiety?

The practice of taking a moment to sit quietly and focus on your wandering mind, and bringing all of it down to a point of absolute calmness can reduce anxieties is numerous situations!

For example, just before a presentation, sit down in your office, and let the calmness lead you to a very confident performance. You will definitely be able to both answer questions and put across your points in a sorted manner.

Also, before a speech or a stage performance, meditating for even about 15 minutes can change your mind-state! It is an extremely effective technique to get over stage-fright and nervousness, even conditions of shaky nerves and voice!

A analysis over 1300 adults, showed the results in dealing with anxiety followed by meditation.

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How does it help connect better with people?

An increased practice of meditating can help us form a better self-image. It comes with a clear mind with more confidence. It can become a great way of coping with stress around us, and is better effective when practiced habitually.

More importantly, it is believed to help build better relationships! Since the perspective of our communication can change through meditating, we tend to make less rushed decisions in relationships.

We can definitely communicate more efficiently, and find effective solutions to the complexities we face with people around us!

Can it be helpful for overcoming depression?

Meditation can decrease levels of inflammatory cytokines, that cause increased levels of depression. Habitual meditating can definitely lessen vulnerability of depression.

Additionally, in reduces daily stress, improves emotional health, and makes your mind fit to cope with issues that a “wandering mind” may not! Here is a guided video for meditation that could help you NOW!

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