Mysterious Place on Earth Part 1: Is it at all possible to solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a mystery that has not been solved in the 21st century. How many ships and planes have sunk in an imaginary triangular shape hidden in the Caribbean islands in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. According to popular legend, no unnatural force is responsible for this. Then what it is ???

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Maybe it has a hand in the aliens! According to experts, those are nothing, the edge of the mystery is long gone. But what is deep in the Bermuda Triangle? From the time of Columbus to the present day people have been thinking. Over the years, scientists have tried many times to unravel the mystery with various evidence, but no one has been able to put a satisfactory solution in front of humans.

Let’s diving in the mysterious Bermuda triangle:

Bermuda triangle is a region of the North Atlantic Ocean surrounded by the southeastern coast of the islands of North America, Bermuda and the Greater Antilles (Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and Puerto Rico). It’s also known as Devil’s triangle.

The exact boundaries of the Bermuda triangle are not universally agreed upon. Total area limitations range from 500,000 to 1,510,000 square miles (1,300,000 and 3,900,000 square kilometers). By all guesses, the region has a vague triangular shape.

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It does not appear on any world map, and the Board of Geographical Names in the United States does not recognize the Bermuda triangle as an official territory in the Atlantic Ocean.

Although unexplained events were reported in the region in the mid-nineteenth century, the term “Bermuda Triangle” did not become effective until 1964. The sentence was first printed in an article in a Mandal newspaper by Vincent Gaddy, who used the sentence. To describe a triangular region “that has destroyed hundreds of ships and planes without any trace.”

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There is no ambiguity about the greater frequency of the this triangle than in any other region in the Atlantic Ocean. In March 1918, the USS Cyclops disappeared from the interior of the Bermuda Triangle on its way from Brazil to Baltimore, Maryland. No explanation was given for the disappearance, and no wreckage was found.

About 28 years later, a group of bombers (collectively known as Flight 19) under American Leot. Charles Carroll Taylor disappeared into the air over the Bermuda Triangle. As with the Cyclops incident, no explanation was given and no wreckage was found. Charles Berlitz popularized in his best-selling book, ‘The Bermuda Triangle (1974)’. In the book, Berlitz claims that the faded lost island of Atlantis was involved in the disappearance.


In 2013, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) conducted an extensive study of marine shipping lanes and determined that the Devil’s Triangle was not one of the ten most dangerous waters in the world. The Bermuda Triangle maintains heavy daily traffic both by sea and by air.

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The exact number of ships and planes that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle is not known. It is estimated that 50 ships and 20 planes are still missing in the depths of the mysterious triangle, although no wreckage has been recovered. Bermuda Triangle, no scientist has been able to say for sure whether such an accident was caused by a large change in the weather due to the warm ocean currents in the Gulf of Mexico.

Most recently, a documentary was made based on a program on the BBC History Channel, showing the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, a sunken city with a tall ancient pyramid in the middle. The vortex is formed by the entry of ocean currents into a deep hole in the wall of that pyramid.

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That is why the evidence of all the accidents has disappeared. Needless to say, very limited real data is available, but it is not enough to solve this problem in the end. A team of U.S. researchers has reported that there is a possibility of a black hole in the bottom of the ocean, which is impenetrable by a layer of methane gas. Scientists also hope to try to unravel the Bermuda mystery with more evidence in the future.

Bermuda triangle mystery is one of the famous mystery in the world and this mystery is never solved, so many scientist, researchers are involved to try to solve this mystery and may be, one day we will know the exact fact regarding this mystery.

In the world there are many more unsolved mysteries and stay tuned with us for other mystery stories.

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