“Online education in the world, during the pandemic COVID-19” Is this the permanent Solution for education?


A disease outbreak that spreads across all the countries and has the power to affect all the people is known as a pandemic.

The world is facing corona virus illness which is declared as a pandemic from the World Health Organization and most of the countries are quarantined, facing a difficult situation altogether.

Is online learning worth it?

There are doubts that online education is equal to physical learning, though it is the only option most of the countries have during this lockdown. According to me, online education is just a temporary replacement that can never be equal to physical learning settings.

Education is considered to be the most powerful and useful weapon that an individual can ever use. But online education does not fulfill that meaning. It is understandable that due to the pandemic online education is the only ray of light the students and institutions have, but it should be temporary as there are many disadvantages of this.


The whole world is facing the pandemic and there are certain developing countries were conducting an online class is next to impossible. Most of the developed countries own computers, laptops, and a proper internet connection but there are many developing countries and underdeveloped countries that do not have any access to the internet, computer, or laptops.

Physical learning and going to schools can be the only form of education that they might receive. According to a study, around 25% of the people in the world do not have the slightest idea of how to use a computer or access the internet.


Online learning might not be an option for developing countries.

Poverty is still a big question in many countries. Only educating the people who have internet connection and computers does not serve justice and equality. Lack of discipline can be widely noticed in the methods of online education. Every act of success has a routine of discipline in it. In physical learning, the teachers and the institution set rules and regulations on which the students obey.

The group discussions, a practical embodiment of physical learning and the classes are very important in a student’s life which online education cannot provide. In online education, the students only get the chance to read the theory but they can never understand the practical learning or expand their knowledge.


In physical learning, the practical learning, physical classrooms, workshops, the competition, and the enthusiasm results to create better scope of education and learning of the students which can never be provided by online education.

Online learning is not a permanent solution.

Online education has many bad points and reasons for which it should not be considered as a permanent option of education, but there are a few points that can be noticed which tells that online education during the pandemic of COVID -19 also has advantages.

Money and time can be saved in a great amount for online education. The transportation fare will be reduced because no one will be physically present in the classroom. The effort and money will also be saved as a result of online education, more savings will take place.


Physical learning can never be replaced by online education. In physical classrooms, the students and teachers interact face to face. If the students experience any problems then it is clearly laid to the teacher at that point and also at any other time during the learning hours which is not possible in online education.

The physical learning process makes the education and gathering of knowledge of a student more significant, easier, and also a richer experience. Students can easily lose interest in the field of education due to physical communication.

Face to face communication makes it sure that the other person’s reactions, emotions, and understandings get noticed which does not happen in online education.

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