Covid 19 : How Remedial Drugs are Changing


Covid 19, is undoubtedly a curse for mankind. 2020, the previous year was completely shattered and devastated year for almost all of us. We know, there are some trials going on to discover the vaccine but no significant remedies has not been marked yet.

People around the world are terribly mutilated by this unknown virus. The harmful virus had been spreaded from the city of Wuhan, China. Since the pandemic has been outbroken in the whole world, urge for the Covid-19 vaccine is felt to prevent infection and death throughout the world.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, there are tests going on several scheduled drugs. Many of the first world countries are trying to invent a permanent solution of this devastatingly contagious disease. In March 2020, a report in medical journal of US FDA (Food and Drug Association) published that the remedial drug for malaria, Hydroxychloroquine will be effective to cure the infections and was approved in USA. After sometime, the drug Azithromycin was suggested with Hydroxychloroquine.

Bemcentinib, was proved to be the effective remedy to the hospitalized Covid-19 Patients in UK. Several clinical trials in UK has been conducted and Bemcentinib was proved to be a good remedial drug. It boosts the antiviral power in patients to cure SARS-CoV-2.

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Favipiravir is an antiviral drug which was approved for clinical trials to prevent Novel Coronavirus. In April, trials started in USA on Volunteers. In India, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals have an marketing approval of this drug to treat mild Covid patients.

Umifenovir was licensed only to be used in Russia and China. The drug was thought to have an anti-viral properties and have some host-targeting properties. In trials performed in China, Scientists found it to be effective against SARS-CoV-2.

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AIM Immunotech manufactured a drug called Ampligen, which was first on trial in Japan. The test done on some mice having Respiratory Syndrome, had some good result. Remdesivir trials started on USA from the end of March. This is an absolute anti-viral drug which was made to block the infection chain of Corona and even Ebola Virus.

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Alongside drugs, various country has developed Covid-19 Vaccines to prevent the spread of the deadly virus and many country have even started dry-run or Mass Vaccination. Most recent and Popular Vaccine, which is approved to be used in most of the countries is ChAdOx1 vaccine developed by University of Oxford and Astrazeneca. It has completed all the trial phase successfully and is approved in United Kingdom, India, Bangladesh, Brazil, El Salvador, and Morocco already.

mRNA-1273 was developed in USA in association with Moderna and BARDA. Developed in US, this vaccine is effective to prevent the virus and build immune power to body. US, Canada, and Israel already have authorised this Vaccine.

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And Indigenous attempt to develop a Covid-19 Vaccine was taken by Bharat Biotech and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and has already been through the phase 3 trial of the Indian Vaccine. Covaxin, the Indian Vaccine is prepared to be on Phase 3 trial.

But, untill the official announcement of vaccine arrives, make sure to maintain self hygiene and keep practising social distancing. Cover your face if you have to sneeze or cough. Use face shield, face mask to protect your face from virus. Wash hands often for minimum 20 seconds with Hand-Sanitizer containing at least 70% alchohol or Soap. Covid-19 coronavirus basically spreads person to person or through droplets. To prevent the Mass – contagion, please avoid crowded locations.

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We hope, this new year we will definitely defeat the global pandemic and will again rise as a Covid- free Planet. With this greetings, we wish your good health and prosperity.

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