Are you scared of snakes ? Then let’s read about 10 scary snakes in world wide. Part 2


Snakes, Hey guy’s what’s up! Hope you all good. So here I am with a different kind of article for you about a very interesting creature of our world nature and environment. That is one of the scary animal in the world.

So guys our world is the most suspicious thing, according to me. The human beings, the animals, the insects, the birds, the trees, the mountains, the oceans, the forests, and all the creatures of the world are the most interesting subject to read and invention new things every moment of life.

There are many creatures in our world whose existence is unknown to many of us.

There are also many animals that people do not easily know because of the different species and species.

The snake is such an animal. The species is of different types and most of them are unknown to the common people. Among many creatures in the world this is the most scary animal, for my opinion.

So today we introduce you to 10 species of snakes whose names you may have never heard before and know nothing about their behavior.

In my previous article I have written about first 6 snakes and the left 4 stories are here. The next 4 snakes are kind of most dangerous snakes in the world and also they are very unique snakes in this world nature.

So let’s start…

7) Long Nose Week Snake:

original 1

The specialty of these snakes is that they are very thin, light and slender and their biggest attraction is their nose.

Their noses look a lot like those of a bird, and because they are green in color, they are difficult to observe once they are mixed with tree branches.

These venomous creatures are found in South Asia i.e. India and Bangladesh.

8) Blue Coral :


They got this name mainly because of their beautiful appearance.
However, it is better not to go to them because of their beautiful appearance.

This is because these snakes are deadly venomous and have the ability to kill other venomous snakes as well.

Toxin Venom is present on the body of this snake and due to this their Anthony Venom has not been made yet.

This crrature has the highest amount of venom in its body than other males.

9) Elephant Trunk :


Such snakes are mainly found in Indonesia. However, some species are also found in Australia.

The reason behind their naming is that the seven are small in size and look a bit like an elephant’s trunk.

They weigh a lot more. However, these type of creature do not contain any venom, so they are not a cause for fear of humans.

10) Horned Viper:


Well guys personally if I say then this type of snakes are most scary. Because their behavior on nature is not so good sounded.

This kind of snake is one of the most terrible masters. The real reason is their appearance.

Some people say they look like they have taken a 440 volt current shot.

Found in Africa, the snakes live mainly in the desert. With the color of their skin, they blended into the desert in such a way that no one could see them.

The body odor of these venomous snakes is so awkward that this is the only way to recognize them.
But the farther you can stay from them, the better. As I said at first, it’s behavior is not good.

They are the most scary ctrature in the world and they are the most suspicious and interesting subject of reptiles animals.

So hope you like my article and it’s end here. I will try to write more articles about others I know creature in the world wide. Thank you..