What is menstrual period??Is this really shameful to discuss about this truth of woman body?? Let’s know some unknown facts about the menstrual periods!!! Women’s Day 2021


Menstrual period is a “normal vaginal bleeding” which happens as a part of monthly cycle of every woman. It is very natural process caused by the changes within the ovaries and uterus of “female reproductive system”. Therefore, pregnancy can happen in the women’s body.

The blood which is bleeding during the menstrual time, mainly is the combination of the partly tissue and partly blood comes from the inner wall of uterus and flow through the cervix from the uterus and flows through the vagina out of the women’s body.

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  This menstrual period occurs due to the changes of the hormones in the women’s body. The hormones are basically the chemical messengers. The female hormones “progesterone” and “estrogen” generally are released from the ovaries. The uterus’s lining, which is in the building up situation, is caused by these hormones. Therefore, the building up lining has prepared for the sake of attach and develop a fertilizing egg.

If no fertilized egg produced in there, then the linings of the uterus break down and start the bleeding. The same process happens again and again in every month until the women have got their pregnancies.

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Normally, the minimum age of starting the menstrual period cycle is at around 12 years, sometimes it becomes around 10 to 15 years. Actually, it depends on the body schedule of the girls. The maximum age of having menstrual period is 50 years, therefore, a 50 years woman also can conceive. In some cases, the menstrual period also can process till the age of 52 years. It also depends on the body types of the women.

Symptoms which happen before starting periods

  • The girls often get their primary periods at around 2 years after from the breast development starting.
  • The “vaginal discharge” is also a vital sign of having periods. The “vaginal discharge” is a kind of mucus or fluid which is discharged from the uterus and the girls can feel or see in their underwear. The girls generally get their first period at about 6 months after from the “vaginal discharge”.

The comfortless health issues which every woman can have during their monthly period timings

During the time of monthly period cycle majority of the women can have the various kinds of physical as well as mental health problems. Such as-

  • Pain in the lower back
  • Cravings of the food
  • Sore breasts and blotting
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Pelvic or abdominal cramping pain
  • Fatigue and Headache
  • Tiredness, acne and diarrhoea

Is the menstrual period really the shameful topic for the women?

As the menstrual period is the natural monthly shaded process and occurs due to the basic hormonal change of the body, there is nothing shameful in menstrual period for the women. Apart from that, it should be the joyful topic for the women, because due to the menstrual period they can get the opportunity to become a mother. If the menstrual period is not happened, then the women never can become the mother biologically.


Therefore, it has clarified that the menstrual period is not at all a shameful topic for the women. But the society cannot agree with this opinion. Besides that, though the world has upgraded itself so fur.

But still now, there are some regions in where the women are declared as an unholy during their monthly period timings. They cannot enter the temple, they cannot enter the kitchen as well as they have to stay at a corner in the house in this time. This is really very disheartened news for the world because therefore the progress of the women is disrupted. This mentality of the superstition should be changed, otherwise the women of the society will lag behind.