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What is the difference between Real life and Reel life?? Reality TV versus Real life TV!!!

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Scripted stories in a reel life has a beginning and ending but in real life all memories can most effective be informed via starting to inform them, after which stopping. however in actual lifestyles, nothing starts off evolved and ends. So memories are inherently synthetic with the aid of deciding what to leave out and what to depart in. there may be a spread for significance nearly constantly an statement that things are causally linked to every other.

Reel life tv V/S Real life tv


clock animation

Reel Life : In reel life time is pretty accurate whether or not to influence it’s own flow according to the characters need. like, the slow motion walk of a hero or opposite character, traveling one point to anther or even from present day to future or past in flashes if the story has nothing much to offer. Time has its value according to the script.

Real Life : In real world every character of this mother nature are bound and influenced by the time. There are no slow motion or fast forwarding like in the reel life. Time has its significant value in our alter life.

The morning


Reel Life : Girls on tv wake up in their fashionable designer attires , with blow-dried hair, with a winged liner, highliter, and lipgloss, as they were going to a party. same goes for the gentlemen as they woke with their well groomed hair and beard and so fresh.

Real Life : whilst in actual life girls wake up in pyjamas, messy bun, oily face and a smelly breath. Men in the real life, they woke up with a itchy beard messy hair.



Reel Life : For those on television and in movies, it takes is a couple of transitions to get in shape. Queue the motivational song, display a fifteen second shot of the man or woman walking, a couple of seconds shot of them ingesting salad and another fifteen seconds of them lifting weights all of sudden, they’re equipped to step into their glamorous world

Real Life : Sadly for those of us in the real world while we are unsatisfied with our bodies, working out vigorously and dieting continually over an in depth time frame are required to achieve the physical attributes we’re looking for.

Background Music


Reel Life : Whether or not it’s a lifestyles lesson being found out, a couple of friends making up or every other type of tear jerking situation, television has mastered the art of playing sappy, synthesized music in the historical past of emotional scenes.

Real Life : In reality, life instructions are usually found out over the course of time and errors or dim-witted choices. there are music in the real life but they don’t suddenly fall into our situations.

Unexpected things


Reel Life : If ever is a fight occurs in between the hero and the heroine, they may be disappointed, they don’t communicate to each other some time and suddenly they will meet and sort it out at a temple or any situations.

Real Life : In real life couples fight, they call lower back every different, one individual cuts a hundred calls of the opposite person, then try to communicate. and then plan to meet. there are no sudden things happening.


clipart rain drenched 1

Reel life : In reel life if the characters are doing any emotional or romantic scene there will be a sudden raining. as we can always see that raining happens at every funeral.

Real Life : while in real life it rains when you wash your clothes and put them for drying at the terrace rush to rescue them from rain.

Student life

Classroom Clipart

Reel life : In the reel life the student life is pretty chilled out with lesser strict teachers, all of us dancing on out doors and all.

Real Life : In real life there Strict teachers, compulsory attendance, seniors don’t engage, juniors don’t care, library is like prison. Also read this